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APTA helps educators empower the next generations of PTs and PTAs.

Students depend on well-prepared and skilled educators to guide them through their academic program.

APTA helps educators empower the next generations of PTs and PTAs.

Connect with your colleagues. Explore engagement and networking opportunities with the Academy of Physical Therapy Education and the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy.

Recommended Content

APTA Guide to Physical Therapist Practice

Feb 9, 2023 / Website

Guide to Physical Therapist Practice Educator Module

Apr 17, 2023

This is a tool to facilitate teaching the concepts of the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice.

Curriculum Resources for Educators

Jun 11, 2021

Access resources provided to facilitate academic program curriculum development, review, and enhancement.

Physical Therapy Educator Development

Jun 30, 2021

APTA has created and curated educator resources to help you develop professionally and personally and to enhance your efforts to further the profession through PT and PTA education.

Program Resources

Jul 13, 2021

Access resources to help existing and developing DPT, PTA, residency, and fellowship programs optimize their effectiveness.

Additional For Educators Content

Physical Therapist Clinical Performance Instrument

Jun 13, 2023 / Website

PT CPI provides a standardized training and assessment tool designed to educate physical therapist students, and other members of physical therapy program academia.

Exploring Pain

Sep 20, 2022 / Article

Discover the latest insights and groundbreaking approaches that are shaping the present and future of pain management.

A Unique Approach to Sharing Our Profession

Sep 19, 2022 / Article

Making a podcast about physical therapy can be a fun and creative way to share your experience and knowledge with a wider audience.

President Herr's 2022 House of Delegates Address

Aug 14, 2022 / Article

Watch the 2022 annual address on the importance of foresight in the physical therapy profession.

Benchmarking in Academic Physical Therapy

Jan 10, 2022 /

The first wave of this study's findings provides insights into physical therapist education and identified differences between physical therapist and medical student perceptions.

Education Leadership Partnership

Dec 22, 2021 / Article

The Education Leadership Partnership, a collaboration between APTA, ACAPT, and the Academy of Education, completed its charge with the published report "A Vision of Excellence in Physical Therapy Education."

President Dunn's 2021 House of Delegates Address

Sep 17, 2021 / Article

The 2021 annual address discusses the transformation of the APTA House of Delegates for the years to come by fostering the power of the APTA community.

Advancing Inclusion in the Classroom — and Beyond

Sep 9, 2021 /

Have you ever stopped to think about your bias? In ways big and small. Awareness, empathy, and with inclusivity are the themes we discuss in this episode.

Advancing Inclusion in the Classroom — and Beyond

Aug 18, 2021 / Perspective

Faculty can be more intentional in making small but necessary changes in academic physical therapy to overcome at least some of the bias they possess.

A Vision for Excellence in Physical Therapy Education

Aug 1, 2021 / Resource

This vision represents a collaborative viewpoint of multiple stakeholder groups and individuals that have considered an array of opinions and resources to conceive a future that would demonstrate how the profession has advanced its opportunity to achieve excellence in physical therapy education.