Top 8 Best Kick Scooter for Heavy Adults in 2022

top kick scooters for heavy adults

What is one important factor you need to consider while buying a kick scooter? The price at which it comes in or the kind of design it has? Well, the first thing you need to check is the maximum loading capacity of the scooter. Considering this factor becomes all the more important when you are slightly on the heavier side. 

As we know, a kick scooter is referred to as being a human-powered vehicle that depends on the energy exerted by your body to move forward. While kick scooters are lightweight in nature, they are well-equipped to carry a heavier load. However, different scooters have different loading capacities. 

Can Kick Scooter Support Heavy Weight?

Although many people think of scooters as toys for children, they are now being made for grown-ups too, with models being made to support any weight group. 

Certain scooters can carry a weight of 140 lbs and then there are ones that can accommodate a load of 200 lbs with effortless ease. While looking for a new kick scooter for yourself, first check whether the loading capacity of the scooter is higher than or at least equal to your weight. Certain scooters are designed to be used especially by heavier adults.

Featuring eye-catching graphics, 8” wheels, 17” wide handles, premium quality aluminum deck, 23-inch-long scooter deck and a T-bar that can be adjusted easily, the Cityglide C200 is a well-rounded kick scooter that is known to perform exceedingly well. It can carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs at any given point in time and is ideal for riders who are slightly on the heavier side. That, of course, doesn’t mean that those who are of a lesser weight cannot ride it. From kids who are light in weight to heavy adults, this kick scooter works for everyone.

The frame of the scooter is made of aluminum and that significantly contributes towards it being sturdy and durable. The wheels prove to be as long-lasting as the frame owing to the Polyurethane material they have been made with. Despite having the capacity to carry such a huge load, the scooter is quite lightweight at 9 pounds. This, along with a couple of other features like placid ABEC-7 bearings and robust custom core, ensures that you experience a very smooth ride every time you take the scooter out on a spin. 

While it’s very convenient to fold the scooter, it is not compact enough to fit into a small-sized backpack. Once you fold it, its dimensions come down to 37” x 13.5” inches. If you want to carry it around, just find a bag that would be slightly large in size and put it in there after folding it properly. The scooter arrives in a neatly done package and after you unbox it, you just have to put a few screws here and there and it will be ready for use. It is as suitable for taking short rides in your neighborhood as it is for daily commutes to your office or college. 



With a maximum loading capacity of 220 lbs / 100 kgs, the Redliro kick scooter is an apt scooter for heavy riders. The length of the scooter is 37.8 inches and regardless of your weight or size, the footpad gives you enough space to rest your foot on. The aluminum alloy build lends durability to the vehicle. For those who are slightly on the heavier side, this scooter ensures that their weight wouldn’t cause any extra or unwanted pressure on the scooter. The brakes are also made of aluminum and are capable of dealing with rear friction. 

This is one of the most comfortable and efficient kick scooters you will get in this price range. Whether you take it out on an asphalt road, pebble road, cement road or a road that is peppered with a lot of unwanted objects, you will never face any major issue. It is well-equipped to deal with bumpy roads and has the kind of mechanism that works towards ensuring the comfort and safety of the riders. However, it is recommended not to use it for long hours under extreme weather conditions. Rides under the scorching sun or during heavy rains should better be avoided. 

3 seconds is all you need to fold the scooter and put it in a corner or inside a bag. The scooter is lightweight in nature, so carrying it around wouldn’t be a difficult task at all. The company provides you with a free shoulder strap that will help you carry the scooter, after folding it, in one hand. Along with a dual damping system, it features high-quality PU wheels that are resistant to wear and tear. Because of these elements, you can be assured of a smooth and safe ride at all times. The built-in kickstand gives you the freedom to park it anywhere you wish to with utmost convenience. 



This kick scooter by Mongoose features an easily adjustable and foldable handlebar making it very suitable for riders of all age groups and of different heights. The handlebar features three lock-in points that help you change the height at the blink of an eyelid. The scooter weighs just about 3.9 kgs but is good at carrying heavy weight. The wheels are durable and feature ABEC-7 bearings that further guarantee longer use. The anti-slip footpad could have been a little more spacious but you will get used to it with time. 

The scooters manufactured by Mongoose are known to offer a well-balanced combination of comfort and fun and this one doesn’t disappoint on that front. The frame, built with alloy steel, lends it strength but when you try it out, you realize it could have been more durable. The design of the scooter is minimalistic yet stylish and you get two distinctive colors (red and black) to choose from. The wheels feature a fender and are 180 millimeters wide in size. There are also ABEC-7 bearings that contribute further towards a smoother ride. 

The rear braking proves to be very efficient at bringing the scooter to an immediate half regardless of the speed you are driving it at. If transportation and storage are your concern, then you must know that this scooter can be folded very easily. It features a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds which is good enough for a heavy rider. The handles offer good grip and moving it around, either across wide roads or narrower lanes, is very convenient. 



The premium quality and durable aluminum alloy which it is made of is one of the most enduring qualities of the Hudora 205 kick scooter. While it has been designed keeping adults in mind, the wear-resistant PU wheels make it very suitable to be used by younger riders. The wheels are made of polyurethane and are designed in a way that makes the rider feel comfortable even while riding on a patch or uneven road. Heavy riders would benefit from the fact that this scooter can carry a maximum load of 220 lbs without feeling overburdened.

It has the kind of features that would definitely appeal to an adult but even if you have kids at home, you can adjust the height easily so that they feel comfortable while riding it. While 31 inches is the original gear height, you can bring it down or raise it to a higher level easily. The folding design it features is quite remarkable. All you need to do is to press the part that is right t the center of the folder part. After that, you are required to pull the gear present between the T-bar and the deck. Once you fold it, you can easily put it in a medium-sized carry bag. 

Its build and design make it very suitable for outdoor use. The rear brake is very powerful and doesn’t disappoint you when you feel the need to stop the scooter immediately. The scooter features photo gripper wheels that are known to offer stability and balance to the vehicle. Each of the two wheels is 8 inches wide. The overall weight of the scooter is just 4 kgs, so you wouldn’t have any difficulty in maneuvering it around. The integrated stand is beneficial for those who like to take breaks between their rides.



One of the first things that catch your attention about this scooter is the large-sized wheels that it constitutes. While most kick scooters in this range feature plastic wheels that are relatively small in size, the Mongoose Trace Air Kick Scooter is made of full-sized pneumatic tires. The difference that you feel while riding this scooter and one that features plastic wheels is quite significant. The comfort that you get while riding this scooter is much higher. One downside, however, is the fact that since the tires are filled with air, there is a chance of them getting damaged easily.

A lot of adults, especially those who are on the heavier side, will find the very broad and spacious nature of the scooter to be useful. Since you get enough room to rest your legs, the riding would be inevitably more comfortable and enjoyable. One thing that has made this scooter very popular among those who are concerned about safety measures is its advanced braking system. This scooter features hand brakes similar to the ones that you find on a bicycle. They are convenient to use and helps exercising control over the speed of the scooter at all times.

This kick scooter is also ideal for those who believe the job of a scooter is much more than helping you reach from one location to another. A lot of people like to try out certain tricks or stunts on their scooter. The overall structure or build of the scooter makes it suitable even for bulky riders to engage in such recreational activities. Of course, you must be very careful and follow all safety measures while doing these. The basic model of this scooter doesn’t come with a kickstand. If you want one, you have to buy it separately. 



If you are looking for a scooter that doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to safety and comfort, then look no further than the Streakboard Kick Scooter. It features a sturdy deck that proves to be very efficient at offering support to heavy riders. The scooter has a maximum loading capacity of 220 lbs. The rear fender brakes are very powerful and help you stop the scooter immediately even when it is moving at a very high speed. Apart from bringing the scooter to a halt, the brakes help you control the speed of the vehicle. 

One of the biggest selling points of this scooter is the fact that it arrives as a fully assembled product. As soon as you unbox it, you can hit the roads and go on a ride. The 230mm wheels at the front are extremely durable and offer noise-free operation. The ABEC-7 bearings are made of high-quality stainless steel that offers further safety while riding. The kickstand is of good quality and helps the scooter stay upright when you take a break. The folding mechanism is highly efficient and helps you fold the scooter and pack it up in just 3 seconds. 

The handlebar is very smooth and can be adjusted to suit the requirements of different individuals with heights ranging from 4.7 ft and 6ft. The footpad is made of aluminum and boasts a non-slip surface that ensures that you get a good balance on the scooter and do not suffer from the risk of falling off. The brand has made this scooter available in multiple colors but all the different variants have been priced the same. This is a good scooter to have for those who are looking for a vehicle that offers ease of use and can be used regularly. 



If you are apprehensive about buying a kick scooter as you believe they don’t offer enough space for your legs, then you might want to have a look at this kick scooter by Hurtle. The alloy deck offers extended space to rest your legs on and the rider definitely won’t face a sense of discomfort while riding the scooter. The folding mechanism it features is very advanced and enables the rider to fold or unfold without using the assistance of any special tools or methods. The two wheels, which are 15 inches wide and made of polyurethane material, are durable and efficient at absorbing shock.

The lean-to-steer technology gives you the freedom to move the scooter in any direction with effortless ease. The handlebar is easily foldable and its height can be adjusted very easily too. The ABEC-7 bearings complement the tires and are very durable. While white seems to be the most preferred color for this scooter, it is available in eight other colors as well. If you face any difficulty with the wheels or any other component, you can reach out to the company and they will get the defective component replaced immediately. 

The weight of the scooter is just 12.11 lbs and this makes it very easy for one to store or carry around. A carry strap is also provided by the brand to help the rider carry it with one hand easily. The handles feature high-quality rubber on them which ensures a strain-free ride for both beginners and experienced riders. The mudguard is very strong and plays an important role in protecting your scooter against the materials that one would encounter while hitting the road like stones, mud, rock, pebbles and dirt. 



The Xootr Mg gets its name from the intelligently designed magnesium coated deck which adds extra grip to the riders’ footing when traveling at breakneck speeds. 

This scooter’s main selling point is its detachable parts, which can be swapped out and replaced quickly.

This is a huge bonus for some heavier users who may find their rides wearing away quicker than usual, and can save you a ton of money compared to buying a whole new scooter. 

With front and back brakes, the XOOTR is extremely easy to handle and can come to a stop in seconds. 

Popular amongst Amazon users, the Xootr Mg has received great reviews from customers.



The Bottomline: Which One Should You Buy?



We’ve covered all the bases in what we think makes these scooters the best choice for bigger adults. 

With a wide selection for riders of all sizes, there’s a scooter on this list that will be perfect for anyone on the heavier side. 

We know you want to know which scooter we think is the best on this list, so we will not keep you in any more suspense. 

And the winner is… 

CITYGLIDE C200 Kick Scooter 


The CITYGLIDE C200 Kick Scooter has everything one could ask for when choosing a scooter to buy, with its sleek design, flawless manufacturing and just about manageable price point. 

We feel that this scooter has everything to offer to adults, making it the clear winner today. 

We hope you enjoyed our list, make sure to come back and check out our other reviews of some great products you never even knew you loved.