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Best Scooters for Kids – The Top 10 Products

Putting together a list of the best scooters for kids is dreadfully difficult. This is because a scooter for one child may not be ideal for another. After all, kids come in all sorts of different heights, shapes, and they have their own tastes about what they want in a scooter.

When we were putting together this list of the best scooters for kids, we decided that we needed to focus on a vast variety of different types of scooter, otherwise the list would be dominated by one specific type, which is probably not the sort of thing you are after.

You will find that these scooters come in at a variety of different price points too, which means that you should be able to find something which is within your budget range.

We have also made sure that the scooters we have included on this list are ‘versatile’. Well, at least some of them.

If you are going to be spending a lot of cash on a scooter, then you want it to ‘grow up’ with your child, and not something that will need to be replaced each year. That means that some of these scooters will even cope with teens and adults.

Let’s start off with a comparison table listing the best scooters for kids. We have highlighted bestsellers in green and the best choice in our opinion in red.

The 10 Best Scooters for Kids​

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#1 XJD Extra-Wide Wheels Kick Scooter

This scooter is built as a ‘first time’ scooter for those between the ages of 2 and 14.

As you will probably notice, this scooter has three wheels rather than the normal 2. This is going to provide a little bit more stability for the riderThe wheels are also thick. 2-inches thick, for that matter. 

This, again, means that they are going to provide more stability than your traditional scooter, and will also ensure that your child has full control while they are riding.

This scooter has been built for portability too, so if you are taking your child out for the day, then you will love this scooter. It weighs in at just 8 pounds, and it can be easily folded up and stored.

Your child is going to love the LED lights which light up as the front wheels spin around. Sure, it is a small detail, but you know how kids are, they really do seem to love things that light up!

#2 LaScoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat

This is another scooter which is mostly going to be for the crowd aged between the ages of 2 and 14.  

However, we reckon that it is probably going to be a bit more for the younger crowd, not just in terms of how it functions but the design of the scooter too. 

There is a handy little seat on this scooter, which means that it is going to be ideal for the smallest of children.

Don’t worry, the seat is fully removable if you want to convert it into a ‘proper kick scooter’.

The maximum weight that this scooter can hold is 110lbs, so it is not going to hold children who are that heavy, which is why we only recommend it for the smallest of children.

One thing that we loved about this scooter is that it is incredibly balanced. In fact, it is billed as being a ‘self-balancing’ scooter. This means that when it is being ridden, the scooter is always trying to balance itself to ensure that it does not rock about.

This is going to be the perfect scooter for those who have never ridden a scooter before, and not just because it is well balanced. It is because of how simple it is to steer. Yes, you can use the handle bar to steer the scooter, but you can also ‘lean’ into the turn, which will move the wheels. 

This is a great deal more intuitive for younger children, and helps to develop balance and coordination skills in the young. This means that not only is it fun to ride, but it also is a tremendous learning scooter.

#3 Micro Mini Scooter

This scooter is built specifically for kids aged 2 to 5, although five may still be pushing it, particularly if the child is quite tall for their age.

As with the previous scooter on this list, this particular scooter has a lean to steer system, which is going to be ideal for children who are learning to ride for the first time. 

In fact, the skills that the child picks up here are going to be ideal for when they start to learn how to ride a bike for the first time.

Once again, you will also be able to steer using the handlebar if you wish.

One stand out feature of the Micro Mini Scooter is the wheels. They have been designed not to mark the floor.

This means that the scooter is ideal for riding indoors, which is something that your kid is going to want to be doing quite a lot once they get their hands on a scooter like this.

It is worth bearing in mind that the fact the wheels are non-marking means that they have been designed with a slightly different material to other scooters on the market.

This means that while they are going to work outdoors, they do wear out a little bit quicker which can reduce the lifespan.

However, honestly, by the time the lifespan of these wheels has been depleted, your child will have ended up outgrowing this scooter anyway so it is not that much of an issue.

#4 Razor A

Razor make some tremendous kick scooters for adults, so it makes sense that they are also going to make some great ones for children too. 

This is actually going to be one of the cheapest scooters for kids on this list, but that should not put you off. It still has the famed build quality that people have come to expect from a company like Razor.

This is a scooter which has been recommended for children five and over.

However, with a weight limit of 143 pounds and less adjustment on the scooter handles than other scooters on the market, the maximum age we would really recommend for this scooter would be about ten, and nothing more than that. It just ensures the most comfortable ride for your kid.

This is a scooter which has been built to the same standards as ‘adult’ Razor scooters on the market, although the wheels may be a little bit smaller than the adult version. They are just 3.85 inches in diameter. 

This means that they are not really going to be ideal for going over a lot of bumpy terrain, and they do make the scooter a little bit less stable. 

However, kids are not really going to be doing a commute with this scooter. Scooters at that age are built for fun, and the smaller wheels means that there is a lot more control over the movement of the scooter. 

You could almost say that the Razor A Kick Scooter is built for kids who want to do cool little tricks on the scooter.

If you are travelling, then you will be pleased to know that this scooter has been designed for the smoothest possible ride. This is all down to the awesome ABEC 5 bearings built into the wheels. 

They do not rattle about, which means your child is not going to get ‘hand pain’ after riding for hours and hours on end.

#5 Mongoose Expo Scooter 12” Air Inflated Wheels

This is a drastically different scooter to the ones that we have covered on this list already. This is because it ditches the ‘traditional’ scooter wheels and instead opts for air tires. There are several benefits to this.

With traditional scooters, there is very little ‘give’ in the wheels. This means that, for the most part, you are going to 

be riding them on paved surfaces only. That is not the case with this Mongoose.

The tires are just like the tires that you find on bicycles, and this means that you are going to easily be able to ride this scooter ‘off road’, and plenty of children love to do that.

We especially love the fact that this scooter functions more similarly to a BMX bike as opposed to a scooter. This means that your child is going to be able to do ‘tricks’ with it. 

This is not a scooter which has been built to get from point A to point B. This is a scooter which has been built specifically for having fun.

Despite the low price, there are plenty of safety features built into this scooter. Perhaps the most useful is the quality brakes offered in the handle bar. There will be no foot brake on the back wheel due to the set up. 

However, you can use the brakes on the handlebars just like you are riding a bicycle. You have a great deal of control over your speed too.

This is an incredibly wide scooter, which means that it is not ideal for portability, but it is fantastic for stability. The Mongoose scooter makes an ideal replacement for a bike.

#6 Neon Flash Kids Scooter

This scooter has been built for children aged between 5 and 12. The maximum weight that the Neon Flash Kids Scooter can take is 134 pounds.

As you can probably tell from the name of this scooter, it has been built with LED lights built into the wheels. This is something that kids always seem to love. 


There are no batteries required to power the lights, when the wheels move, the kinetic energy generates power to the lights. 

Perfect excuse to teach your children about science!

This scooter isn’t just about the lights, however. It is genuinely a decent scooter and comes in at a ridiculously low price for what you are getting. 

This means a light aluminum frame which, despite being light, provides a great deal of stability for the rider. It also means that the scooter is going to be highly portable. You can fold it flat and store it whenever needed.

The wheels of the scooter have been designed to provide the smoothest possible experience. They also have ‘silent’ bearings built in, which means that when this scooter is being ridden, you aren’t going to be hearing it.

While there is no brake on the handlebars (something which most kids scooters seem to be lacking), this scooter does boast one of the best rear brakes that we have ever seen. Your child is going to be able to have full control over the speed they are travelling at. 

The brake is also in an ‘easy to reach’ place, which means that they are going to be able to slow down instantly whenever needed.

This is a scooter which has been built to last, and your child is going to truly love riding it.

#7 Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter

If your child is after a stylish looking scooter, and let’s face it, almost every kid is, then this one may be right up your street. 

It comes in 8 different colors, which means you will be able to find the perfect one to suit their tastes.

It isn’t all about the looks, though. This is a decent scooter all around. 

It is built for children aged 2 to 5 and has a maximum weight limit of 75lbs

You have full adjustment over the handlebars, with it being able to be moved from 17” to 25”. This means that the scooter can ‘change’ as your child grows!

One of the ‘features’ that we loved about this scooter is how close to the ground the board is. This makes it easier for your child to use, and it makes it easier to get on and off.

The wheels have the perfect ‘gliding’ action, and they are going to be perfectly silent. There is no steering built into the handlebars, sadly. However, this isn’t really a needed feature. The majority of children do not find handlebar steering that intuitive.

When they steer, they want to move from side to side, and that is what this scooter offers. If your child wants to steer left, then they lean left. If they want to steer right, then they lean right. 

As we mentioned before, this is ideal, because it helps your child to develop coordination skills, something which is incredibly important when they are of a young age.

The quality materials that the Micro Mini Deluxe has been made with will ensure that your child can ride this until they outgrow it. It will last as a ‘hand me down’.

#8 Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

As the name of this scooter suggests, it has been designed for those who are learning to ride a scooter for the first time.

In fact, every single feature built into the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter has been built with that in mind.

The minimum age is 2 and the 

maximum is 5, with a maximum weight capacity of 50lbs.

Let’s start with the deck.

Unlike the other scooters for children we have talked about so far, this deck has been designed to keep your child on it. Not that your child is going to fall off any of the other scooters unless they are doing something incredibly wrong. 

This scooter just has a textured surface on the deck, which makes it easier for your child’s feet to grip when they are first starting to ride. The hand grips also help to prevent your child’s hand slipping off them, while at the same time offering an incredibly high level of comfort.

Unlike some of the other scooters for children on this list, this is not a scooter which is ridden by ‘leaning’ into the direction that you want to go. It functions more like a tricycle. When your child moves the handlebar, the two front wheels will follow. 

In fact, this is a great stepping stone for your child to learn some of the skills needed for riding a bike.

The scooter is going to be easy to ride for your child too. The base is very wide, which helps to ensure that it is stable while being ridden. 

There are quality brakes on it too, although if your child is learning how to ride a scooter for the first time, hopefully you are not letting them go fast enough for them to actually need to use the brakes!

#9 Razor A5

This scooter is one of the ‘largest’ scooters on this list. 

While it has, mostly, been designed for children, the maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds means that there is no reason why a teen or an adult of average weight can’t ride it either.

One of the main reasons as to why this 

scooter is able to support such a high weight is down to the fact that it boasts an aircraft grade aluminum tube

Not only is this lightweight, it is virtually indestructible. This is a scooter which is easily going to provide a child with years and years of happy use.

The large urethane wheels on this scooter provide a couple of benefits. The first is that your child is going to have a lot of stability while riding, but they also ensure that your child gets a nice and smooth ride when they are on it. Small bumps in the road are not going to hinder their riding technique.

This scooter has also been designed to be incredibly portable. It barely weighs anything. It folds up in under 3 seconds too, and can easily be carried under their arms. This means that it is the perfect scooter for when you are ‘out and about’.

For those who are unaware, Razor is a brand that can be trusted. When micro scooters really started to become popular, it was Razor that was at the forefront of the trend around the world (this was back in 2000), and nineteen years down the line, their scooters are still proving to hold up, despite the design of them barely changing. 

When you pick up one of their scooters, you know you are always going to get something of high quality.

#10 Madd Gear MGP VX8 Freestyle Pro Scooter

This scooter is a little bit different to the ones that we have covered already.

This is because it is not really designed for travelling for long distances, instead it is very much a ‘stunt’ scooter, so if your child has made it seem like they want to learn how to do a few tricks on a kick scooter, then this may be a great place to start.

This scooter has been made specifically for children over the age of 6, with a maximum age of about 12.

However, a child may be able to ride this into their early teen years if they are on the smaller side of things.

So, why is this a good scooter for doing stunts? Well, the first reason is because the scooter doesn’t weigh a lot. In fact, it comes in at a shade over 8 pounds. This means that it is very easy to transport around too.

In addition to this, the wheels are on the smaller side of things, at least for a scooter made for people over the age of 6. This scooter has 4.3 inch wheels

This means that your child is going to have a ton of control over the scooter, and without bulky wheels getting in the way, it is going to be really easy to do ‘tricks’ with it.

The board also has a huge amount of grip on it, which means your child is going to be performing tricks with ease.

This scooter has been built with the highest quality materials available, which means that it is going to last for years. Although, there is also a 3-year warranty that comes as standard with this scooter to give you complete peace of mind.