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Best Hoverboard – The Top 10 Products on the Market

Hoverboards are one of the coolest and most popular means of transport these days. You will have to agree with me, once you are on one of these self balancing scooters, the feeling is just amazing. And the most exciting thing is the amount of fun you experience while looking cool as ever.

Now that you are all excited and in the mood, let’s look at a few key aspects and parameters that you need to consider before you rush off to buy one of these magical motorized self-balancing devices.

Every potential hoverboard buyer should know the terms and conditions, the price range, the key features, and the merits and demerits of buying one hoverboard over another.

In order for you to make an informed decision and buy the best hoverboard that serves you right, we have done a review of the ten best hoverboards available on the market. Have a look!

Let’s start off with a comparison table. We have highllighted bestsellers in green and our favorites in red.

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1. Razor Hovertrax 1.5

This cool hoverboard is just superb. If you are looking for a reasonably priced hoverboard that will do what it says, then Razor Hovertrax 1.5 is the product you should go for.



It comes with a self balancing system and an anti-slip trackpad to keep you in perfect balance and make sure you’re maneuvering seamlessly.

More so, this remarkable product is one of the safest hoverboards available on the market. Razor Hovertrax is designed to meet all the safety standards. It is officially UL certified which means that it has undergone and passed tons of safety related tests.

The Hovertrax 1.5 also comes with a rechargeable 25.2 volts lithium battery that retains a charge for over 45 minutes of continuous use. That is just about enough time to go around the town while having a delightful experience. 

With a product like this you will surely have the best time of your life and you wouldn’t ask for anything better.

Additionally, this excellent model offers you a shatter resistant steel frame for maximum durability. With a top speed of up to 6 mph you wouldn’t expect it to last for long, however, surprisingly this great hands-free two-wheel self balancing electric scooter is as durable as you would ever imagine. Not to mention it comes with a very affordable price and a one year warranty.

Razor Hovertrax 1.5 suits well for almost everyone as it offers great value for money. However, this self balancing hoverboard is especially great choice for kids since it is safe and the motor is easy to start. 

In summary – this is the best hoverboard in terms of value for money.

2. Swagtron Swagboard T380

Next in line is a fantastic product from Swagtron brand – the latest and the most amazing T380 hoverboard! This Swagboard is one of a kind. It comes with a customizable rider mode to make the riding experience a breeze.



The three different ride modes of a beginner level, an experienced user, and an expert make it easy to use the board whether you are a complete newbie or a regular hoverboard user.

These modes are easily switchable from one to the other through remote control or the Swagtron mobile app that can be installed on your smartphone.

T380 is easy to control. Its self balancing nature allows you to hop on it, get moving and enjoy your ride as you keep steady while smoothly operating it with ease. Additionally, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers and you can also listen to your favorite music while you enjoy your ride.

It is also capable of supporting 220lbs with a top speed of up to 8 miles per hour and a range of over 11 miles. With this latest and one of the best hoverboard products from Swagtron you couldn’t feel happier.

The Swagboard has an upgraded 250 W motor and software as well as more responsive gears with higher stabilization for lighter traction and faster maneuvering.

More so, the superb battery life ensures you maximum usage while the easy to read 5-light battery indicator enables you to keep track of your battery level so that you are not caught off guard.

Having undergone rigorous electrical safety tests, you can fully trust this hoverboard to perform exceptionally well without any overheating hazard. It is also UL certified which gives you even more reasons to trust the T380 in its performance.

3. Tomoloo Q2 Fire Kylin

Just as the saying goes, your tomorrow begins with Tomoloo! This self balancing hoverboard by Tomoloo is definitely the ultimate future hoverboard. It has a smart battery management system and certified battery protection.

TOMOLOO is on the market since 2013 meaning that it is one of the earliest companies that started producing intelligent self balancing scooters.



This brand invests significantly in the product quality to meet different customer demands from around the world.

Customers can enjoy this product without worrying too much as it is UL certified (UL 2272 certified) as well as complies with all the US safety regulations. What is more, this model has hard rubber tires that guarantee durability and a smooth riding experience. The Q2 Fire Kylin has unique and colorful LED lights and it is water resistant.

Going forward, it has a Duel 5 Watt HIFI Bluetooth speakers that are super easy to connect to your smartphone so you could enjoy your favorite music while riding. When it comes to the batteries, they come from the world’s leading battery sources and this particular model has the capacity of 4000 mAh.

As mentioned earlier, this hoverboard has a certified battery protection that includes over-current protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection, balanced protection and lastly temperature protection.

The design of the hoverboard is unique and is inspired by the Chinese mountain Fire Kylin. The design is supposed to transmit the fearless spirit and the feeling of being invincible and decisive.

The Tomoloo Q2 has 6.5’ large wheels that contribute to a smooth, safe and stable riding experience. The hoverboard is also temperature resistant and fire proof and is generally sturdy and durable.

While offering all of the abovementioned, it is also affordable and offers 12-month warranty with a 24/7 service. This great hoverboard is a real bargain.

In conclusion, Tomoloo is a universal self balancing hoverboard that can be used by everyone and anyone in any place. It’s exceptionally safe for children with protective gears and safety measures like the anti-slip pedals.

4. Swagtron Outlaw T6

To start with, this product has everything you would ever ask from a hoverboard. In my opinion, if you want an exceptionally cool hoverboard with all the superb qualities, you should go for this one. 



The pack includes top speed of up to 12 mph, a 12-mile range with a single charge and built-in Bluetooth speakers to keep you rolling with your favorite songs.

This hoverboard and its 10’ wheels do especially well in handling off-road conditions. I would even say that this machine is just one of a kind.

The T6 comes with a 300 watt dual motor for fast navigation and a long battery life that retains a charge for a maximum 2-3 hours depending on your usage. The powerful battery also contributes to being able to climb slopes and hills of up to 30 degrees. Whether it’s on mud, grass, gravel or smooth surface, the T6 navigates effortlessly and with ease.

Additionally, Outlaw T6 is the best choice for riders of all shapes and sizes. Its maximum load is 420lbs and the minimum load 40lbs. Its 10 inch nylon infused tires provide shock absorption and maximum stability to support any load.

The thick, sturdy wheels offer added comfort no matter how even the terrains are and its tires’ rugged thread pattern provides exceptional traction on all surfaces and makes users feel in control at any moment.

Swagtron Outlaw T6 consequently guarantees that the user is protected against dirt and any splashes of water as they travel safely through sandy grounds and puddles of water.

The Outlaw T6 durability is guaranteed by both the plastic and aluminum that together create a durable casing that protect its internal components. Swagtron is known for making one of the best hoverboards on the market. Build quality is where they stand out. 

More so, you can quickly and safely access the hoverboard’s battery level, distance traveled and riding modes among other properties using an Android or iOS app.

5. Lamborghini 8.5

Just as the name sounds, this specific hoverboard has a fancy and stylish design meant to make you feel valued and confident as you ride. It is designed with improved comfort, more fun, and enjoyable safety in mind, not to mention the increased reliability.

The Lamborghini 8.5 hoverboard enables you to hover around at a max speed of 9.32 mph with a range of 10 miles. 



Lamborghini comes in at number 5 on our best hoverboard list, but this is only due to its high price tag. Money aside, we believe this is the best hoverboard currently on the market.

This great all-terrain product provides a sensational and ecstatic feeling just by riding around on it. Link to my full review of the Lamborghini hoverboard.

I’m not lying when I say that when riding on this hoverboard you will feel like you’re skiing in Breckenridge, skate-boarding in Burnside Skate Park or even surfing in the Pacific.

It has comprehensive, world-class safety features and security measures and has undergone hundreds of thousands of tests making you feel completely confident and relaxed. It also has a UL 2272 certification. 

This precious boy has an unrivaled road presence with big all seasoned tires that contribute to the durability, stability, and excellent traction. No matter what sort of road, this high quality hoverboard will not let you down. It is especially made to travel on all kinds of terrain. Whether mud, gravel or glass, it just maneuvers well.

It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. The music system includes outstanding sound, great look and secure connectivity and compatibility with almost all Bluetooth devices.

The Lamborghini 8.5 has a certified smart battery that retains a charge for a maximum of 2.5 hours giving you enough time to have a blissful experience. Surprisingly, you can also access the controls through an android app.

In addition to that, the LED headlights illuminate the rider’s path with colorful lights. The led lights have a classic design with non-strip control pedals. This awesome hoverboard suitable for both adults and children and can support a maximum weight of up to 264 lbs.

6. Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard

And now let’s move on to one of the most luxurious hoverboards we have been waiting to introduce you since the beginning of the post. First of all, you will already wish you had this baby once you hear the magical sound of its performance.



The Gyroor F1 hoverboard design is adapted from the Formula 1 racing supercars so once you are on top of this excellent product, you almost can’t tell whether you are driving a real racing car or just a hoverboard because the feeling is just awesome.

The G-F1 can race just like Formula 1 cars and is therefore the fastest of the hoverboards with a top speed of up to 12 miles per hour. It is largely thanks to its unique shape, two powerful 350W motors and a strong structure that make the hoverboard move fast and look cool at the same time.

It also features 8.5 inches sturdy, solid and safe tires that keep you away from the tedious task of pumping which is another advantage.

This magical machine also comes with a smart app control which you can easily connect to your smartphone. It lets you effortlessly regulate the speed, switch between the adult and kids riding settings, set up the anti-theft alarm and last but not least, you can configure it to play your favourite music while you enjoy cruising around. 

The LED headlights are also adjustable through the app while you enjoy the fastest hoverboard available.

Moreover, the G-F1 racing hoverboard has a movable handle and a removable battery which is convenient and allows you to charge it without bringing the entire hoverboard along. The battery life is extensive and its charging time is about 1.5 to 2 hours.

The Gryoor is one of the safest hoverboards on the market. It has a UL 2272 certification and has also passed the CE, RoHS and FCC certification tests.

Its design is sturdy and durable as the board is made of 85% aluminum. It also features some ABS parts for maximum protection of input components. Furthermore, this hoverboard is also water resistant.

G-F1 is designed to suit well both adults and kids with toggle modes according to your level of experience. The hoverboard is capable of carrying 265 pounds of weight capacity and traveling 9.32 miles on a single charge. 

7. Megawheels

Have you run out of ideas to pick out the perfect present for a young kid or teenager? The Megawheels Smart hoverboard is your best choice. 

It has unique features that are a dream gift for your sports enthusiast kid. The Megawheels is specially made to be a cool gift and a toy for kids.



To begin with, you will love its ease in carrying. It is designed as lightweight that even a little child can move it around without a problem. Equipped with a self balancing system, your little rider can master hover riding in a matter of minutes. 

Learning has never been easier. This system also ensures the safety of the rider and helps to avoid dangerous falls.

Strengthened with an anti-fire and waterproof shell, your worries are put to rest whether your rider enjoys it indoors or outdoors.

Megawheels features 250-Watt dual motors powered by strong UL certified batteries. These provide your board with top speeds of up to 7.5 mph for a 10 miles of range with a max load of up to 200lbs. It features 360-degree rotation that ensures that your kid has a cool and awesome riding experience. With non-slip pedals, climbing gradient has never be more enticing.

The appearance of this great hoverboard catches the eye. It has a three-color LED display – green, blue and red that not only make your kid look cool but also ensure the fun factor. Moreover, they improve visibility at night for your rider and others. It also has Bluetooth speakers for your favorite soundtrack as you enjoy the ride.

The most overwhelming advantage of them all is the customer service. No matter the challenge you may experience with this board, an attendant is ever ready to fix it within its 12 months warranty. It is also very affordable.

Overall, this unique ride offers a variety of great specifications making it one of the best on the market. It, however, runs poorly in off-road conditions and tends to be sluggish on speeds above its average which is 7 mph.

If you decide to go for this one, make sure to also check its compatibility with your smartphone.

8. Jetson Electric Bike

If you are looking for a great hoverboard with an outstanding light show, then you should go for this Jetson model. 



It enables you to turn on your tunes through an integrated Bluetooth speaker.

You can also watch different LED lights sync with the beat of the music that you play, giving you an incredible overall experience.

With the Ride Jetson app, you can connect your smartphone to your board and customize the front led lights in the color that you like the most.

You can also toggle through the app to choose between 3 different modes of riding. Moreover, the app gives you full control of the hoverboard parameters.

It’s unbelievable how you can keep track of your travel time, switch between your favorite songs and share activities with friends and family. Having the Jetson app ensures you have fun while riding.

Jetson is an all-terrain hoverboard that navigates comfortably across all sorts of roads with a climbing angle of 15-30 degrees. The 500-watt dual hub motors give it enough propelling power reaching a top speed of 10 mph. 

The energy is high enough to cover a 12-mile range on a single charge which makes it one of the best hoverboards if you want one that lasts long.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery with excellent charge capacity and fantastic performance are some of the distinguishing features that make this superb product unique.

The Jetson has powerful balance technology that keeps the user as stable as possible. It has a bar laid inside to enhance the communication between the right and the left foot pads to ensure uniformity.

This provides you with a chance to only focus on enjoying the ride while leaving the self balancing to the hoverboard itself. In simple terms, this comes auto-balanced which means that it is perfect for children and people with balance problems.

Generally, Jetson is an awesome hoverboard. It’s usable by both adults and children whether they are a beginner or an expert.


Epikgo is yet another fantastic hoverboard. It features 8.5 inch tires and has a 400W Dual motor and uses LG battery. It has a great deal in handling harsh conditions like the off-road terrain.



It provides more foot space than some of its competitors making it more stable and easier to control. 

Epikgo also has better performance and is bigger than other hoverboards in the market giving it a competitive edge over the others.

It can cover 10 miles of range on a single charge while its battery life lasts for over an hour.

Its solid wheels and powerful dual motors grant you the ability to climb slopes of over 18 degrees making it one of the most powerful board in the market.

The fantastic Epikgo hoverboard is also dust and water resistant which ensures that you can travel trouble free on all kinds of terrains. Whether it is mud, grass, sand or gravel, you don’t have to be wary of anything while riding the Epikgo hoverboard.

It has UL 2272 certification and has undergone over 159 tests regarding safety features and regulations making it one of the safest hoverboards available on the market. It also enables you to ride freely without the fear of overheating.

It is suitable for people over 13 years of age and it has a weight capacity of over 265 pounds.

This Hoverboard also comes with a 1-year warranty.

10. Jetson Z12

Lastly, we are going to look at this awesome hoverboard that comes with customizable front lights that are in sync with your favorite beats of music. 



It has a 400 Watt dual hub motor that propels it to a top speed of 10 miles per hour.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has enough power to keep it running for over 12 miles making it one of the few quality hoverboards that can cover such long distances with a single charge.

Jetson Z5 also has three different riding modes that include the levels of a beginner, an experienced rider and expert mode. 

You can easily switch between these with the Jetson app on your smartphone. Its connectivity and bluetooth speakers enhance your experience making your ride more comfortable and enjoyable as you feel the beats of your favorite music.

This hoverboard can support a maximum weight of 220 lbs. Moreover, its off-road performance is superb as it can go through all sorts of terrain whether they’re mud, sand, grass or gravel.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that choosing the right hoverboard in a sea of amazing rides can be overwhelming. Making the perfect choice depends on who, where and how much uses it.

To conclude, G-F1 stands out overall as it is reliable, safe and has excellent features. The G-F1 boasts a unique motor design and an advanced mobile app that allows you to control your max speed and steering sensitivity. 

Moreover, this great product is an all-terrain hoverboard. Its battery life is superb while its range and climbing abilities are perfect as well. It’s speedy and features a world class appearance giving you a luxurious feeling when using it. If I was to make the choice, I would go for the G-F1.

The Outlaw T6 hoverboard stands out as the best in off-road category. It has a considerable weight capacity of over 420lbs and is usable by all rides of all shapes and sizes. Its mile range coverage in the off-road terrain is quite commendable and it’s quite portable for its size. However, this hoverboard is a little bit more expensive. Overall, as mentioned it is a winner in off road conditions and when riding on tough and rugged terrain.

The Megawheels smart hover tops as the best kid toy. With its lightweight nature and simplicity, the board rules as the best pick for your young one, not to mention its unique self-balancing system, for easy mastery of hover drive. 

Most of all, it wins with its appearance: the colorful LED lights and the smooth Bluetooth speakers feature are surely a kid magnet. The protective gears are of exceptionally high build quality and it features non-strip pedals providing kids with confidence to ride.


The popularity of hoverboards has grown drastically, especially among kids and teenagers. Thanks to the set UL 2272 certification, the use of these boards has been made safe through set regulations. However, riding them is as dangerous as it would be riding a bike or a scooter.

As a learner, you are prone to easily destroy your hoverboard in the most exposed sections due to falls. To improve stability, some hoverboards have a removable knee bar in the center. This makes riding faster and simpler.

Wearing the right gear is a useful and protective measure against fatal accidents. The crucial safety gear include the helmet and the protect pads. When purchasing these, make sure you take into account the size of the rider and the design they may like.

It is also important to note that hoverboards, like any other device, require your attention and proper maintenance. Most manufacturers nowadays ensure they include accessories that help you manage your board and increase its lifespan.

A hoverboard backpack is an essential item to help you carry your board around. They can be pretty heavy, and it is wise to choose a durable backpack. Furthermore, scratch protectors and hoverboard full silicon case are some of the other accessories that could help your protect your hoverboard.