Top 7 Best Gold Hoverboards In 2022

best gold hoverboard

Why walk when you can glide?

That’s right, the mode of transport we all dreamed about at some point in our lives has taken the world by storm – hoverboards.

Available in a range of models and colors, we decided to focus our attention on the fanciest of the bunch with some detailed reviews on golden hoverboards.

These flashy forms of transport not only reach incredible speeds, but they are also adorned with flashing LED lights and a range of incredible features that make travelling fun.

However, with so many options to choose from, this guide should help you navigate through the range of shop listings to find a hoverboard that best suits your feet.

Apart from being gold in color, this is a hoverboard whose features are well worth it. It features two large wheels, each of which is 6.5 inches in size. These wheels are durable and provide you with a good riding experience on most surfaces. The LED lights are very powerful and assure you of a safe riding experience when you move out in the night. It has been UL2272 certified and adheres to the safety standards recommended by leading agencies in the US. It has been built with premium quality components that make it resistant to both fire and extreme weather or temperature conditions. 

The LED displays different colors alternatively and that makes the hoverboard look even more attractive, especially during the night. You also get to use a built-in Bluetooth speaker that is very convenient to connect to any of your mobile devices and listen to your favorite tracks or an audiobook while being on the move. The sound effects that the speakers produce are very sharp, thereby eliminating the need to use a headphone. While the product boasts of a sleek and stylish design, it is also available in a variety of bright colors.

Since this hoverboard has been designed and constructed keeping in mind those who have had no experience of riding a hoverboard earlier, it is lightweight and has the kind of features that help you strike a good balancing act. You will get used to most of its features and controls just after a couple of rides. Even as a beginner rider, you will soon find yourself doing a variety of things with it like undergoing a 360-degree rotation or pulling off a few impressive tricks. The robust 200W brushless motors contribute greatly towards the smooth operations provided by the hoverboard. 



Out of the 10 colors this hoverboard is available in, Chrome Gold is definitely the one that makes the most striking impression. It looks classy and adds a layer of sophistication to the traditional yellow color. It adheres to the US UL safety standards and has the kind of features that help individuals belonging to different age groups enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. The components are of good quality and the brand offers a warranty of one year on the product too. It is highly recommended for beginner riders owing to its advanced self-balancing technology. 

It is advisable to charge it for at least 3 hours. In case you want the battery to be charged to its optimum capacity, just make sure you don’t charge it beyond 5 hours to avoid any chances of overheating. On a single full charge, it can cover a range of 12 kilometers. Apart from the hoverboard, the package includes a charger and an instruction manual. Each of the two tires is 6.5-inches wide and is quite long-lasting. The overall weight of the hoverboard is 9.2 kgs and it is designed to carry a maximum load of 180 lbs.

One of the most appealing components of this hoverboard is its footpad which is very thick and offers a lot of space for the rider to rest their foot. The none-slip footpad also reduces the risk of the rider falling off the scooter. The LED headlights produce lights with a lot of intensity and assure you of a safe ride during the night. A built-in Bluetooth speaker also features on the hoverboard and it produces good quality sound effects. The durability of the product is one of the factors that makes the investment worth it.



Hoverboard Scooters manufactured by cho have been around for a long time and are known for being high on strength and durability. They have manufactured a variety of hoverboard scooters in the last several years but this particular model is quite special for the kind of aesthetics it boasts of. The Chrome Gold finish on the top has a lustrous look and feel to it which makes you notice it immediately even when you see it clubbed together in a group of hoverboards. The LED lighting adds significantly to the visual appeal of the product. 

This hoverboard has been constructed in a way that suits the requirements of both kids and adults. The footpad, even though not too wide, offers a decent level of comfort and even kids who are just starting out can get accustomed to it very quickly. The black-colored variant of the hoverboard is priced moderately at $125. The rest of the variants, including this particular model which comes in Chrome Gold, has been priced at $139. 

The Bluetooth speakers are good enough but you don’t get a separate button to operate them. When you turn the hoverboard and place your mobile device nearby, you will get a notification to connect the two devices. While this automatic feature might work for many, those who are not too familiar with new-age technology might not appreciate it. When you test the batteries, you realize they could have been more durable and of better quality. You get a power cord with the package which you can connect to the hoverboard to charge it. 



Those looking for an aesthetically pleasant hoverboard that is also easy and convenient to ride should definitely check out the Felimoda Hoverboard. If you are a beginner, you can learn the ropes of hoverboard riding in just a couple of minutes when you first ride it. The footpad is super comfortable and aids you in acquiring a sense of balance and coordination. The wheels also help you make feel safer and more comfortable. Each of the two wheels is 6.5-inches in size and is made of good quality rubber. 

If you prefer going out on rides during the night, this hoverboard is most apt for you. Even if it’s pitch dark outside, you can get a fairly clear vision of your surroundings owing to the LED front light and sidelights the hoverboard features. The LED lighting complements the Chrome Gold finish very well and adds to the visual splendor of the hoverboard. The components are the kind that won’t wither away in a short period of time but definitely, could have been more durable. Basic regular maintenance is recommended once you buy this hoverboard. 

The none-slip footpads help your legs get a grip on the hoverboard easily. Getting a sense of balance becomes a lot easier because of the kind of space it offers. The entertainment needs of the rider have also been taken care of. The wireless/Bluetooth speaker can be easily connected to your phone or any mobile device you use to listen to music. The battery life is decent but falls short of the kind of performance batteries manufactured by competing brands in this range. The company offers a standard charging adaptor with the package. You can get a better quality charger from another brand.



A lot of people associate a highly functional hoverboard with one that can run smoothly on any given terrain. In that sense, this Golden colored hoverboard by Epikgo definitely delivers value for money. Grass, mud, dirt, sand or uneven roads – it manages to deliver a smooth performance on the most difficult terrains. This all-terrain hoverboard would be a good investment for those who need a vehicle to go on short rides but regularly. The performance it delivers is far more impressive than hoverboards in a competing range. 

The robust 400W dual motor ensures that it doesn’t slow down even while maneuvering through the most difficult terrains that one could imagine. The power of the motor makes it quite easy for one to get through steep slopes. It comes with UL2271 certification which speaks volumes about the safety measures it provides. The components that it is made of are quite strong and designed to withstand wear and tear. The self-balancing feature is at par with the kind offered by the most modern vehicles or brands and ensures further safety and better balance. 

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on the product during which it will cover all the expenses related to repair and maintenance. The kind of features and safety standards this hoverboard adheres to makes it very suitable for adventure seekers or those who would like to try out some stunts on it. Also featured on this hoverboard a built-in Bluetooth speaker that would help you stay away from dull moments during longer rides. It doesn’t come very cheap but if you are willing to invest in a quality hoverboard, this wouldn’t be a bad option for you.



Just like several other models produced by Hoverstar in the recent past, this hoverboard is designed to run smoothly on different kinds of terrains. What might attract a lot of people initially to it though is its bright and flashy design with its Gold color. Its vibrant design is definitely one of its most appealing features. However, that is not to say that it disappoints when it comes to its functionality. The two wheels are quite wide and offer a great amount of stability and safety during the rides. They are also resistant to wear and tear to a great extent. 

The glamour associated with this hoverboard is also because of the brilliant lighting it provides. There are four LED lights at the top, two LED wheels and two LED lights in the front. A regular model by the same brand and featuring the same design doesn’t look as much attractive as this one because of the absence of such powerful LED lights. While the snazzy and upmarket look of the vehicle might appeal more to youngsters, the features would prove to be helpful for riders of any age or height. 

The package offers the buyer a free charger and an instruction manual along with the main product. The lithium battery, which it runs on, is easily rechargeable but could have been more durable. It is recommended to charge it for 3 hours before taking the hoverboard out for a ride. Depending on the weight of the rider and the condition of the road, it can deliver a top speed between 8-10 mph. It has a maximum loading capacity of 165 lbs. Its platform height is 115 mm and it has received a ground clearance of 25 mm.



If you are particular about your hoverboard boasting of a spectacular design in Gold color, then this one should fit the bill. When you look at this hoverboard by Hoverstar for the first time, you are bound to keep staring at it for at least a few minutes and marveling at its gorgeous design. The futuristic design of this hoverboard is alluring and almost makes you believe as if it jumped out of a science-fiction novel. The LED lights equally add to its beauty and functionality by lighting up in innovative ways as you play music on its built-in Bluetooth speaker.

The ‘cyber-truck’ design coupled with the lustrous color and unconventional style makes it a highly desirable hoverboard. The lithium battery that is used in the vehicle and other components are tested by agencies that undertake safety checking operations. Once they pass the various tests successfully, a sticker is pasted on the hoverboard indicating that it has been approved. Apart from the hoverboard, you get a charger and an instruction manual in the package. 

Though the body is made of plastic, it proved to be fairly long-lasting. While it is designed for both adults and kids, it is not recommended for heavy riders to use it. Before buying it, you must reach out to the brand and be absolutely sure of the fact that it can handle your weight. The internal Bluetooth speaker is of good quality and can connect easily to a mobile device that is within 33 feet of its range. If you face any issue while operating it, hold the power button for 15 seconds and get it started. 



Best hoverboard extras

Hoverboards are not new to the market anymore, and as such there are some pretty amazing items that you can find to enhance your riding experience.

Appearance enhancers

A range of decals and attachments can completely enhance the style of your hoverboard to create a completely unique item. Vinyl skins are also great for protecting the paintwork.


Carry bags are perfect for keeping your hover board safe during travels or when they need to be packed away.

Custom built for hover boards, these bags often ensure that your item is easy to carry around and has space for other accessories too, such as your charger.

Waterproof bags will also keep the hover board dry if you get caught in some bad weather.

Waterproof bags will also keep the hover board dry if you get caught in some bad weather.

Hover Seat

These awesome additions will quickly transform your hover board into a go-kart.

Combined with an all-terrain hover board, you can expect endless fun, while it is also great for longer trips where you want to travel in comfort.

For younger kids, this is a safer option until you are confident that they will be able to master their balancing skills.

Focus on safety

Hoverboards offer endless fun for everyone, but as always, it is extremely important to focus on safety.

All riders should make use of a helmet, as they would do when riding a bicycle or any other type of transport that is not enclosed.

Due to the fact that using a hoverboard relies on balance, you can expect some slips or falls along the way. Using a quality helmet will ensure that your head is protected at all times.

It is also advisable that you make use of knee and elbow pads, especially for younger kids or beginners. This will prevent unnecessary scrapes or road rash if you do fall while riding.

Younger children should always have adult supervision when riding to ensure that they do not attempt to use the device on incorrect terrain or in dangerous areas.

Maintaining your hoverboard

Keeping your hoverboard in excellent condition will ensure that it is always safe to use and performs at its best.

To assist you, here are some tips that you should follow after purchasing your chosen hoverboard.

Keep it clean

You need to ensure that the wheels of your hoverboard are kept clean and free of any debris. A simple brush will do the job and ensure that they never clog, or hinder performance and safety.

As the wheels are your base, it is also important to check that screws and bolts are tight at all times.

Cool things off

After heavy usage, you are likely to notice that your hoverboard can get quite warm. Don’t push the hoverboard to its limits, give it time to cool down after your riding session before plugging it in to recharge.

Check the pedals

Often you will notice this by the performance of the board. If you find that it is shaky and not offering the right amount of control then your pedals may be a little loose. If this happens, adjust them as required until the pedals and brakes are working as per normal.

Keep it stored

When not in use, make sure that your hoverboard is stored correctly. It should be in a well-ventilated and dry area, so that the battery and motherboard are not in danger of being ruined by moisture. 

Hoverboards have been improving in quality and features over the last few years, and right now there are many options that are sure to provide a thrilling experience.

The changes in safety certification have also ensured that previous concerns regarding electrical issues have been resolved.

However, it remains important that you choose products from reputable companies to ensure that no shortcuts have been taken. It is also essential to take note of the features though.

Self-balancing boards that are catered for beginners are ideal for parents looking to find a hoverboard for their kids.

All terrain models are slightly more advanced and require a little more skill from the rider.

Also, be aware of the performance stats and weight limits of your board. If you are planning to let adults and children ride the product, then you need to ensure that the max load matches your requirements.

Enjoy your ride!