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(HONEST) Lamborghini Hoverboard Review + Test Drive

In a market flooded with cheap, childish, and dangerous imitations, Lamborghini has released an aggressive, sleek, and smooth hoverboard for all ages that’s up to 2 times MORE POWERFUL than any competitor – and all while being the first to achieve UL2272 safety certification.

But is the price worth the iconic Italian design, handling, and speed? Is it weird to ride one as an “adult”? And do you have to be a pro to ride it?

We bought one and took it for a test spin. The result surprised even us….

What we like
What we don’t like
Max speed: 16 mph
Range: 10 miles
Max weight: 264lbs

If you are looking for a premium quality hoverboard that offers a fun riding experience on any kind of terrain and will never let you down on any safety measurement then we think that this Lamborghini 8.5-Inch All Terrain is the way to go.

(READ FIRST) There’s Just Something Different About Lamborghini Hoverboards

When we first heard that the most iconic brand in luxury sports cars was officially licensing a hoverboard, we couldn’t believe it. 

“Lamborghini is taking the same technology from the Diablo Bond car and putting it into a hoverboard?”

It really sounded too good to be true. 

Obviously, no hoverboard will ever rival any of the luxury sports car models from Lamborghini, but whenever the folks who made the “Die Another Day” car slap their name on something, we can’t help but give it a try.

Imagine showing up to work or class on a board that looks, handles, and even sounds like a Lambo. Talk about making a scene!

Which brings us to hoverboards for kids and adults.

We love hoverboards as much as the next guys, but ask anyone who’s really into them and you’ll get the same answer:

“They’re pretty cool, but they’re mostly for kids. And the “fast and powerful” ones for adults are usually cheesy, dangerous, or both.”

There’s normally a big learning curve for faster, “cooler” boards. And even then, you’re lucky if you don’t scrape your knees or twist an ankle.

So when TwoDots – the company licensed by Lamborghini to create the board – claimed the board was more powerful, smoother, and way more stylish than any other board, AND was UL 2272 certified, we were very skeptical.

Until we took it for a spin…

Man, it felt like butter. 

And she could kick. 

Sure, not adrenaline-pumping, 100mph + type of kick, but for a hoverboard this thing can MOVE. And not just forward. Backward, right, spin around_whatever you want it to do.

And the best part? We never felt like she was going to throw us off.

Of course, this all comes at a price, and Lambo and TwoDots sacrificed a few things along the way to get this power and handling. 

We’ll tell you all about it…

We Recommend the Lamborghini Hoverboard if…


  • You want the Lamborghini of hoverboards: The name says it all. This is Lambo-level design in hoverboard form. No other board looks, handles, or sounds like this. You almost feel like you’re in a Lambo (Just 100x cheaper!). It’s perfect for college, work, or just cruising around the beach.
  • You feel the need for speed: This board gets up to ~10mph, which is like going 120mph in a sports car. TwoDots claims there’s up to 2x the power in this board compared to competitors.
  • You want an easy ride: Most reviews say it takes less than 10 mins to feel comfortable riding it. We felt good in less than 5 minutes.

  • You want to show up to work or school in style: The design says it all: This isn’t your typical “kids hoverboard”.
  • Safety is your top priority: This is the only UL 2272 (National safety standards) certified board on the market. We never felt like we were about to get tossed off, even at speeds of 10mph.

Consider a different product if…


  • You’re on a budget: Lambo’s don’t come cheap. 
  • You can’t handle high-powered transport: Lambo’s design is as safe as possible, but high speed is still high speed. You’ve been warned.
  • You can’t wait long for the battery: You need fuel for all this power, so be prepared to let the battery charge for a long time.


Now let’s move along to the rest of the review.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Review

Lamborghini hoverboard review

The Lamborghini 8.5-inch all-terrain is a sturdy, heavy-duty board that comes with Lamborghini’s iconic LED lights for maximum authenticity. TwoDot claims it’s up to 33% larger and 2x MORE POWERFUL than competitors.

We didn’t necessarily feel 2x the power, but there’s definitely a lot more pop in this board than any other we’ve tried.

Before we move on to this board’s most important features, you need a bit of background to understand why it’s a safe all-terrain vehicle and how the company has recreated the famous Lambo feel in a board.

What Makes This Board Smooth and Stable?

The 8.5-inch, all-terrain wheels combined with the smart body sensors give the board an accurate sense of your body’s natural balance, and enough stability to turn smoothly in any terrain.

Plus this board uses a unibody design for greater stability, because they twist less and sit lower to ground. That means smoother acceleration, turning, and stopping. Ever wonder why Lambos are so low to the ground?

Now you know! It makes it way more aerodynamic!

How is this board an upgrade on other models?

TwoDots has clearly put in a ton of work to improve their product, and put out one of the best boards on the market:

  • Safety Certification: UL2272 certification means this board has gone through thousands of tests for its electrical, mechanical, and environmental safety. You won’t have any of the same safety concerns as cheaper boards.
  • Battery Life: Most other batteries only last up to 60 minutes. This one comes with up to 4 hours of juice. NOTE: More battery also means longer charging time. Just to give you a heads up!
  • LED Blinker System: The Lambo lights also serve as a blinker to warn pedestrians!

How Much is a Lamborghini Hoverboard?

The Lamborghini hoverboard’s price varies depending on the specific model and the seller. 

The value is unbeatable considering all that you get. Sturdy design, unbeatable handling, and LED lights plus a cool mobile app.

However, due to this hoverboard being very popular, it is constantly out of stock.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Features – What to Look for in a Hoverboard

A quality hoverboard pays special attention to safety. Whether you’re buying this gadget for your kid or teenager, you should ensure it guarantees safety.

It’s prudent that you buy from a supplier who has been in business for many years. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing the right model.

Wheel diameter

If you’re buying a hoverboard for your child, you may want to consider a scooter with 4.5 or 6-inch wheel diameter. For larger and heavier riders, a model with 8-inch wheels and above would be appropriate.

The wheel size also determines weight capacity. Models with smaller wheels can support up to 220lbs while those with larger wheels can accommodate up to 265lbs.

Hoverboards with bigger wheels can ride well in uneven pavements, grass, and gravel surfaces. It’s worth mentioning that smaller wheels are best for indoor cruising while larger wheels are suitable for outdoor adventures.

The battery and charging time

lamborghini hoverboard battery 

3d techno neon purple blue glowing outline wireframe vertical vertical symbol of charging empty battery with flash isolated on black background with glossy reflection on floor[/caption]

A battery of good premium quality will last for a long time and does not overheat. But how can you identify a high-quality battery? The best batteries with unflawed reputation are LG and Samsung.

You can ride your hoverboard for 3-4 hours without worrying that your device will run out of juice. So if your scooter shows the battery warning light after 1 hour, then that’s a red flag for saying that the battery is of low quality.Other factors that determine if the battery will last include the weight of the rider, weather conditions, the type of terrain, and the handling of the scooter.

The best hoverboards come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Most manufacturers recommend that you recharge the battery when the power goes below 20%.


The Lamborghini Hoverboard has a maximum of 9 miles per hour or 14.5 kilometers per hour. The speed of a hoverboard is determined by the power of the motor, wheel size, and built-in safety limits. While most models have a declared top speed, keep in mind that the actual speed will depend on the terrain and weight of the rider.


On average, most models cover a range of 10-15 miles on a flat surface. 

UL2272 certification

A general rule of thumb when buying a hoverboard is to check the UL2272 certification. This standard evaluates the safety of the electrical drive train and charger system.

Never buy a product without this mark, especially if you’re buying for your kids. Over the years, we’ve seen several episodes where these devices lit up while riding, endangering the lives of the users.

That said, children under 12 years should never be allowed to ride hoverboards without supervision. And of course it is always advisable that you follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.


Nowadays, the market is saturated with brands that don’t pay attention to quality.

Some of the parts you should look at when buying the board include the materials used, frame, internal motors, wheel sensors, and electrical components.

Be sure to buy a hoverboard from a trusted manufacturer – someone who has years of experience in the business. Before taking the plunge, take time and read the online reviews.

Cost of the hoverboard

While this is not the main determining factor, I would still say it: don’t buy hoverboards that look too cheap to be true.

Cheap models are not safe to use and have weak batteries while high-end models are strong enough to accommodate the weight of different riders.

The Design

This is another part where Lamborghini hoverboards really stand out. They have really nailed the design part of the product. In my honest opinion, this is one of the most eyecatching hoverboards currently on the market. You are sure to get second looks when riding on this thing. 

PS! Another decent option if you’re looking for a hoverboard that looks great is getting a gold hoverboard. These have also been quite popular due to their beautiful design and good build quality. 

Lamborghini has made their hoverboard in many different colors. If you like any of them, click on the image to find a place to buy that specific version.

Black Lamborghini Hoverboard

lamborghini hoverboard in black color

I personally think that the black Lamborghini hoverboard is the best looking one they’ve got. It’s also their best seller, so I’m probably not the only one thinking that. 

Blue Lamborghini Hoverboard

blue lamborghini hoverboard

The blue lamborghini hoverboard is rather rare and it’s constantly out of stock. I’ve never seen anybody ride it on the street, so if you manage to get one, you’ll have a rare model. 

Gold Lamborghini Hoverboard

gold lamborghini hoverboard

The gold Lamborghini hoverboard is quite flashy. Even more so, when it’s sunny outside. If you like bling, then this is the option to go for. 

Purple Lamborghini Hoverboard

purple lamborghini hoverboard

Just like the blue color, the purple Lamborghini hoverboard is rare. I’ve never seen it on the street and it’s rarely available on Amazon or any other platform.  

Review Summary

The Lamborghini hoverboard is unlike any other that we’ve tried. The only major downside is the price, which comes from higher quality of the product.

It’s got everything you’d expect in a board modeled after a sports car: Speed, handles, sounds, design. Plus a lot more.

And unlike pretty much every other board, it’s designed with maximum safety in mind, so you never feel like you’re getting thrown off even when going 10mph and whipping around a curve.

If you’re looking for an authentic, aggressive, extremely powerful board, this is it.  Anything else is child’s play.

This is the cheapest place to get a Lamborghini Hoverboard (if interested).

Additional information

How do hoverboards work?

Before I explain how a hoverboard works, let me give you an insight into the technology underneath.

There are many parts that dictate how a hoverboard works – from the main motherboard to sensor technology.

Some of the key parts include gyroscopes, electric, motors, tilt/speed sensors, logic board, pressure pads, and battery packs. After all, it’s just science. Now let’s dive in.

When you step on the footpads, the tilt-sensors and gyroscopes cause the movements. If you lean forward, it speeds up and if you want to slow down, your weight travels backward.

Simply put, the speed sensors read the weight distribution and translate in real time while the gyroscope establishes the center of gravity.

The pressure pads play a huge role in detecting the movement. Each side of the board has two switches – one at the front and the other at the back.

These clever switches facilitate the turning mechanism. I’m sure you can picture this technology in action.

All processing happens in the motherboard. It understands the feedback from the speed controls like acceleration, deceleration, and turning.

That’s not all; it understands the relationship between the wheel, pedal, and how the sensors combine the movements of each footpad.

A hoverboard is powered by a battery pack which works with the motherboard for a smooth ride. Most brands use a lithium-ion battery which has a longer lifespan.

However, what makes it so marvelous is the technology that results in self-balancing. It’s that simple.

Extras available for hoverboards

When you buy your first self-balancing scooter, you’ll be concerned with scratches and dings. Here are a few extras to consider.

Hoverboard carrying bag

Self-balancing scooters are heavy, not to mention you’ll have to carry them if the battery charge drains. If you’re going to haul yours, you need a backpack.

Before you make your purchase, make sure you know the correct size of your hoverboard. It’s also a good idea that you choose a waterproof bag.

And if you’ll be using the board the whole day, you need a place to store your battery charger.

Check out this bag for example.

Hoverboard scratch protectors

If you don’t want your ride to look like a mess, you should invest in hoverboard bumpers. You simply stick them on the arch of your board and next to the wheels.

Avoid buying those with a plastic film because they don’t provide enough protection. Only invest in protectors that are lightweight and scratch-free.

Silicone case

Nowadays, manufacturers have started making silicone cases that cover the entire scooter.

This is the way to go if you want your hoverboard to remain in pristine condition. They come in pretty cool designs to help you create a personalized look.

Are hoverboards dangerous? What safety gear should be used?

While hoverboards are so popular for both kids and teenagers, they have received some bad press.This happens because some untrustworthy manufacturers produce low-quality products and sell them at a low price to undercut competitors. But as long as you buy a quality product, you’re guaranteed a safe ride.

If you don’t think you need safety gear as you cruise the streets, you may want to reconsider your decision. Let’s have a look at the most important safety gear.


The best helmet should have a shock-absorbing foam, vent holes, breathable pads, adjustable strap, and adjustable size.

You should also ensure that the helmet uses some reflective material for better visibility by other road users. Of course, you have to choose a product that is eye-catching.

Check out this helmet by Triple Eight.

Knee/elbow/wrist guard

You have no idea how glad you’ll be when you stumble with your elbow guards on. The best guards feature built-in splints that offer good protection.

They come in different sizes and colors, so be sure to choose a set that suits your taste. 

Butt and tailbone protector

The tailbone protector comes in handy when you fall on your back. This is common for most beginners who don’t have reflexes to extend the arms.

Sometimes, it’s quite hard to predict how you’re going to fall.

Check out this model.

What is a UL 2272 certification again?

Lately, hoverboards have been under hot debate due to numerous cases of catching fire. The main reason for these incidents is the leakage of lithium-ion battery.

This is where UL 2272 comes in. It’s a national standard for USA that confirms the safety of the electrical drive train system and batteries in hoverboards. Hoverboards must undergo a series of tests including overcharge and drop tests to ensure they’re safe.

Always check if the product has this certification mark before buying.