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Segway X2 Review: Ultimate Review

The Segway X2 is a personal transporter offered by Segway, a famous company which deals in different types of personal carriers. 

Segway has managed to rule the market for quite long, thanks to their exceptional innovation. Now, they have developed one of the best electric scooters in the market. 

One of the most outstanding features of this product is the InfoKey technique which helps you key in commands and controls to your personal transporter. 

Interested to know more about this scooter? Keep reading to know more about its amazing features! 

What are electric scooters?

Electric scooters, also known as motorized scooters, are powered scooters that use an internal combustion engine or an electric motor.

In case you are wondering if electric scooters are good means of transportation, here are some of the reasons:

  • They are light.
  • They are fast
  • They are easy to ride.
  • They are safe. 

Do We Recommend The Segway X2? 

The Segway X2 is a powerful personal transporter that is powered with a 4000W engine. 

It can drive through a range of terrains and is therefore suitable for off-road users. 

Overall, we do recommend the X2 since Segway has always been constant in their quality of such transporters. This product also delivers, making it tower over all other options. 

The Segway X2 differs from other hoverboards thanks to its sturdy design which incorporates steering to help you balance. 

Thus, this makes it safer than all other options out there. 


  • Stability. It is highly stable, which makes it suitable for tricky terrains, preventing accidents.
  • Safety features. It is loaded with several safety features that protect you from several roads and off-road conditions.
  • Powerful. This device is powered by a 4000W motor, which makes it powerful.
  • Fast. With a maximum speed of 12.5 mph, this scooter is faster than your ordinary scooter.
  • Battery Life. This personal transporter has a fantastic battery life that can support a range of up to 12 miles.


  • Expensive. It’s costly. At its price, it is even more costly compared to the average four-wheel-drive vehicles.
  • Heavy. It weighs 119 lbs, which is pretty heavy.
  • Ideal Only For Off-Road Riders. It is more of an off-road than a paved surface. For those who would like to achieve the latter, the Segway i2 SE will work just fine.

How much is the Segway X2? 

The truth is, this electric scooter is pretty expensive. You will have to part with around $6500 to $7000, which is understandable because of its great quality. 


Before we go deeper into our review, you need to understand that there are different editions of the Segway X2. 

We have the Segway X2 original edition and the Segway X2 SE, which stands for the second edition. In this article, we will focus on both but with an emphasis on the former.

The design of the Segway X2 is far much better, which offers it an edge over its counterparts such as the Segway i2 and the Segway i2 SE. 

It is aesthetically endowed to suit young people who may also have an interest in off-road riding. This personal transporter is built to last. 

With the Segway X2, you do not have to worry about mud or water interfering with your ride, thanks to the highly reliable mud flaps, which are also scratch-resistant. 

There are fenders located above the wheel which connect to the cargo handles to mount additional possessions.

The Segway X2 SE is even better with added aesthetics that will surely turn heads as you ride around.

Wheel diameter

This personal transporter uses extra-large tires and a wide stance that gives it an edge over the standard Segway personal transporters. 

Its design makes it one of the most reliable off-road adult scooters

The Segway X2 SE has a broad base platform, which ensures it is highly stable to keep you safe as you speed off. 

You don’t have to worry about your bike toppling over. It is equipped with 21-inch highly treaded tires that are big and wide enough to support any rough terrain.


The X2 has a powerful motor that allows it to manage a speed of 12.5 mph, which is faster compared to other locomotion means in its category. 

This maximum speed of 12.5 mph also gives this amazing ride an edge over many personal transporters. 

Another reason why the Segway X2 and the Segway X2 SE are pretty powerful is that the motors and the sensors are designed for high capacity movement.  

This is why the company recommends a weight of over 100 lbs for the riders.

In case you are wondering why it have a weight limit, the sensor is made in such a way that it picks up how the rider’s weight shifts, which might be impossible for a weight of below 100 lbs.

Battery and charging time

The Segway X2 has a fantastic battery life that supports up to 12 miles in terms of distance. 

Keep in mind, however, that this range varies depending on different factors such as the speed and terrain. 

It’s advisable to charge your battery for up to 12 hours on the first booting, which is essential before you put your scooter into use. 

This is only required for the first booting; other subsequent applications require only eight hours for a full charge.


The Segway X2 is a high-quality scooter. 

This personal transporter is highly stable thanks to its large wheels, which assures you of a smooth ride. 

The broad base also ensures that you can transverse any terrain. This locomotive is suitable for both off-road and on regular occasions.  


Segway offers a twenty-four months warranty on the power base in accordance with the Segway PT warranty. 

This includes the battery but excludes other parts like the handlebars. 

However, this warranty is mostly accessible to products purchased within Europe. 

Segway X2 SE and The InfoKey Controller 

The Segway X2 SE boasts an InfoKey controller which is everything you need as a rider. 

This is a unique feature that you cannot easily find in any electric scooter. 

The InfoKey controller is a mini-electronic module that connects to a dock usually found between the handlebars of the Segway X2 SE.

It is a pretty new technology that even lacks in the i2 SE. This controller is complete with an LCD and four control buttons.

Using the InfoKey controller, you will be able to access several controls, modes, and different data displays that are essential for the execution of commands. 

The InfoKey controller is vital if you need to power or switch off your Segway X2 SE. Through this, you get access to different variables such as the time, speeds, distance, and even the odometer. 

In addition, it makes the X2 SE conducive for beginners thanks to the beginner mode, which helps control the speed of motion and the frame.

Through this amazing technology, you can also activate the riderless balance mode, which is critical in case you need to get off your scooter for some time. 

Activating this mode will help your Segway stay in a stable position on its own. The InfoKey also protects your Segway X2 SE. 

You can use it to activate the personal transporter’s alarm, which will ensure that all the wheels are locked to paralyze motion. In the case of forceful movement, your controller will notify you. 

Segway X2: What Do People Say?

Amazon reviews

Many consumers find this scooter pretty amazing. They believe that it is the future and applaud it for its prowess. 

A commuter from New York calls it ‘a gallant savior both in the street and the wild’. 

The total Amazon score for this product is 5/5 which is not surprising given all the positive reviews it gets. 


One YouTube reviewer, by the name SnazzyLabs, states that the Segway X2 is ‘convenient in urban areas to replace walking’. 

Other reviewers also agree that this is a perfect movement option especially if you want to save on some time and run errands pretty quickly. 

Another user in the comment section also acknowledges that riding the Segway X2 looks pretty cool and she dreams of giving it a try. 

From the YouTube reviews, this product has a whopping 5/5 score


The Segway X2 is a beast, which can be clearly established from this review. In case you are wondering whether it is worth it, the answer is yes. 

It is highly stable, extremely safe and has the amazing InfoKey technology which you need as a rider. 

Be wary of its high price, which may be a turn off for many people. But, best believe that you get value for your money.

For those who are into off-road experiences, this is your ideal transporter.

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