epikgo hoverboard review

EPIKGO Hoverboard Review – In-Depth and Complete

EPIKGO is a brand that offers beautifully designed and rugged hoverboards. 

This brand gives you four hoverboards to choose from, each with slightly different specifications. The EPIKGO CLASSIC, the SPORT and SPORT + and lastly the PREMIER.

There are so many hoverboards on the market today you are probably wondering what makes EPIKGO Hoverboards stand out? 

Well, one of the best features of this hoverboard is its durability and potential to conquer multiple off-road terrains.

It is capable of traveling across sand, dirt, grass, steep hills and even puddles. 

This is because it sports 8.5” of extremely durable hi tread tires along with 400W Dual Motors. 

EPIKGO Hoverboard tires are so tough, there is no need for you to worry about them going flat or popping.

This article will give you a complete review of the EPIKGO Hoverboard, outlining the pros and cons and including essential information on the innovative technology used in all hoverboards.

But First, What Is A Hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a micro-mobility self balancing scooter. The term micro-mobility is used in relation to a small means of electrically powered transport like an electric scooter or electric skateboard. 

A hoverboard uses “self balancing” technology allowing you, the rider, to stand up tall disregarding the necessity of handlebars or kick-off to get you going.

Its tilt and speed sensors work in such a way that the hoverboard will know exactly how fast or slow you wish to go. 

Tilting your body more in one direction will increase your speed and reducing this tilt will mean you will slow down nicely.

The self balancing scooter is also self-propelling. This means that the motors are engaged without the use of a throttle. 

Instead, you use your own weight and movements to propel the hoverboard in any direction you wish. 

The ergonomic nature of a hoverboard means it is relatively nimble and with a little practice, driving it becomes second nature to the rider.

Because there are so many different types of micro-mobility available the next question that needs to be asked is an important one. 

Why Is It A Good Mode of Transportation?

In particular, a self balancing scooter is extremely portable. Unlike a bike, you are able to bring any hoverboard on public transport. 

The same can be said about other modes of micro-mobility. However, the hoverboard tends to be the most discreet and lightweight. 

This gives you the opportunity to travel to multiple destinations and cover a larger distance. 

You can purchase a carry case for your hoverboard at an incredibly reasonable price making it a light and sturdy partner for the daily commuter.

EPIKGO Hoverboard Review: Do We Recommend It? 

We recommend the EPIKGO Hoverboard mainly for its durability and safety. All of its hoverboards come as standard with 400W Dual Motors and powerful LED headlights. 

The two 400W Dual Motors give a whopping high-power of 800W. That is a considerable amount of power when compared to other hoverboards on the market.

There is a fear with hoverboards that they are prone to catching on fire. This is not a baseless fear and there have been some cases. 

This hoverboard, however, comes with UL 2272 certification meaning it has passed stringent safety tests. 

UL 2272 certification is a legal requirement in the US and means that it is safe and will not catch fire, giving you the necessary peace of mind you must have before buying any micro-mobility means of transport!


  • UL-2271 Certified
  • Alloy Wheels and Tough Boddy
  • 10 Miles+ Riding Range
  • 8.5” Extra Large Wheels
  • Unmatched Torque and Acceleration
  • 18-Degree Max Climbing
  • 400W Dual Motors


  • Weight, at 26lbs it is heavy compared to other hoverboards
  • The price is a bit high
  • Not suitable for children to use

In-depth Specifications of EPIKGO Hoverboards


A domestic US purchase of an EPIKGO Hoverboard automatically comes with a limited one-year manufacturer warranty. 

On the other hand, an international purchase of the hoverboard comes with a limited 90-day manufacture warranty. 

This limited warranty covers workmanship defects, material, or mechanical defects.

EPIKGO also advises its riders that, the “product is not a toy” and that “minors should use it only under the direct supervision and responsibility of an adult.”

In other words, your warranty will not cover you if you want to treat the product poorly or in properly. 

You must provide proof of purchase if you need to activate your warranty.


The EPIKGO Hoverboard gives you a smooth ride even in rugged terrain. 

Purpose-built for the rider to explore off-road surfaces, this hoverboard is bigger and more cumbersome to carry it is not meant to be carried. 

It offers an extreme amount of torque when compared to other hoverboards on the market allowing the rider to climb hills of 18.

In addition, EPIKGO Hoverboards have a waterproof rating of IP56 giving the rider confidence in wetter conditions.

Battery and Charging Time

All EPIKGO Hoverboards have an impressive battery time of 1-2 hours per single charge. 

With a 10-12-miles per hour range depending on which product you choose, making the EPIKGO Hoverboard a fast charging and competitive product.

Wheel Diameter

How will the rider benefit from 8.5” tires? The answer is a smoother ride! 

As well as being extremely durable with a hi-tread, the tires of an EPIKGO are much larger than most other hoverboard wheels. 

There are two choices of wheels depending on which model you choose.

The All-Terrain Tires have a higher tried and are specifically designed for off-road and the Performance Tires are a little lighter, giving the rider a sufficiently good grip for more urban areas.

The size of the tires makes a huge difference when the rider decides to tackle more rugged terrines. 

They will also equip you with much more grip giving you the ability to tackle slipperier surfaces.


Each EPIKGO Hoverboard is designed for comfort and control.

Because of its size, this hoverboard allows the rider a little more freedom when it comes to riding. This shows when the rider goes off-road and puts the solid rubber tires to the test.

The EPIKGO is designed to look sleek and well built. Its aesthetics make it pleasing and appealing to riders and commuters of all ages.

The range and speed will depend on which model you intend to choose. Here is an overview of each model and its specifications.


EPIKGO Classic



  • Power: 400W Dual Motors = 800W
  • Riding Range: 10 miles
  • Top Speed: 10 miles per hour
  • LED Headlights: Yes
  • Acceleration Grade: A
  • Slope Capability: 15
  • Tires: All-Terrain Tires
  • Smart Phone Connect ability: Yes
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speaker: No




  • Power: 400W Dual Motors = 800W
  • Riding Range: 10 miles
  • Top Speed: 10 miles per hour 
  • LED Headlights: Yes
  • Acceleration Grade: A
  • Slope Capability: 15
  • Tires: Performance Tires
  • Smart Phone Connect ability: Yes
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speaker: No




  • Power: 400W Dual Motors = 800W
  • Riding Range: 12 miles
  • Top Speed: 12 mph
  • LED Headlights: Yes
  • Acceleration Grade: A+
  • Slope Capability: 30
  • Tires: Performance Tires
  • Smart Phone Connect ability: Yes
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speaker: Yes

EPIKGO Premier



  • Power: 400W Dual Motors = 800W
  • Riding Range: 12 miles
  • Speed: 12 mph
  • LED Headlights: Yes
  • Acceleration Grade: A+
  • Slope Capability: 30
  • Tires: All-Terrain Tires
  • Smart Phone Connect ability: Yes
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speaker: Yes

EPIKGO Hoverboard Review: What Do The People Say? 

Amazon’s Reviews rate this hoverboard at a 4 out of 5 stars. 

Mostly EPIKGO Hoverboard reviews have positive things to say. However, the complaints are consistent with each other. 

Experienced riders complain of foot and ankle pain becoming an issue. Before buying, it is best to read practical reviews written by honest uses. Here are a few: 

A 5 out of 5-star Amazon reviewer writes: 

“EPIKGO classic sets the standard for hoverboards!  It does great in the house and on the concrete, which was expected, but I was seriously shocked at how well it rides through the grass! 

Honestly, it doesn’t even seem to phase the two 400 watt Motors. I am 6-2 235 pounds, and I can ride through the grass on this hoverboard like it’s nothing. I’m truly stunned at how well this works off-road.” 

A 2 out of 5-star Amazon reviewer writes: 

“Better experience from boards costing far less. When at higher speeds board tends to “push back” on the balls of your feet. 

“Great for keeping the operator from over tilting the board, but when a stop or slow down is initiated too abruptly, it simply won’t react in time and the board will go right out from underneath the operator. 

My kids are very experienced riders and they have the same issues, some refuse to ride it. Foot/ankle fatigue is a major issue with this board as well.”

There are some great reviews on YouTube available as well. 

The reviews on YouTube give you the pros and cons in regards to this Hoverboard. They come from experience reviewers plus, you will be able to see some footage!

Overall, it scores a 5 out of 5.

Youtube reviewer says: 

“If you’re a first-time user of a hoverboard or a balance board, the self-balancing technology makes riding really easy. 

I mean it’s really easy to ride. The big rugged all-terrain tires allow you to go over dirt and grass, mud, sand, pretty much anything which is really impressive!” 



The Bottomline… 



So, is it worth buying? 

Well, the EPIKGO Hoverboard is more durable and rugged than a lot of other hoverboards on the market for sure. 

Although revealed to be slightly on the pricey side, EPIKGO is a trusted brand that seems to promote safety to their riders while offering a fair warranty.

Most hoverboards are not built for durability and while this hoverboard is extremely tough if you are looking for extreme off-road capability. 

We hope this article made things a little clearer for you. Be sure to do your own research and check out our other reviews before buying a hoverboard.