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Off-Road Hoverboards – Which One Should You Get?

In recent years, the number of hoveboards available on the market has absolutely exploded.

These neat little contraptions are allowing people around the world to get into work, school, or wherever else, in the most stylish way possible.

They are a ton of fun to ride too, especially once you work out the intricacies of how they work.

On this page, I am not going to be talking about your standard commuting hoverboard, though. Oh no. I am going to be talking about the off-road hoverboards.

What are off-road hoverboards?

Off-road hoverboards have off-roading tires which will allow you to traverse all sorts of terrain with ease.

Off-road hoverboards will often be loaded with a far more powerful motor, and the fact that they are probably going to be tackling hilly terrain more than a flat road means that the gyro packed into them (i.e. the part which keeps you upright) is going to be even better.

The off-road hoverboards don’t work on-road as well as the dedicated ones (you can thank the tires for this), but they are the closest that we can get to an all-round hoverboard.

As you go through the ten reviews on this page, you will learn some of the things that you need to look out for in a hoverboard.

This will (mostly) be the speed, range, and how well it holds up to the rough terrain. Quality is going to be thrown into the mix too.

After all, if you are riding a hoverboard off-road, you are really going to be banging it about and putting it through its’ paces. You need to know that it is actually going to last.

Before we start diving into what I genuinely believe are some of the best off-road hoverboards on the market, I am going to answer a few questions that you most likely have about them.

Will probably make it easier for you to work out how I managed to choose a few of these for my list too.

What Is A Hoverboard And How Does It Work?

If you are one of those people who believes that a hoverboard actually floats in the air (like in Back To The Future), then I am sorry but I am going to have to disappoint you.

I am not going to lie. When you are riding one of these things, it genuinely does feel like you are gliding through the air without a care in the world. However, physics isn’t quite that advanced. There are a pair of wheels attached to the hoverboard.

Without getting too technical, there is a logic board built into the hoverboard. This logic board looks at the speed that the wheels are moving at, and the tilt of the board you are standing on.

By taking this information in, it will do some complicated calculation and make sure that the board stays level when you are riding.

When you turn, you will be moving your legs around a little, and little switches will be triggered inside of the hoverboard which will instruct the motor which direction they need to turn.

It is all quite complicated, and this is why you will need to spend a little bit of cash on ensuring that you pick up a fantastic hoverboard.

Some of the cheaper ones tend to be quite ’slow’ in the way that they work, and you will often find that they do not keep you quite as level as they should.

This causes issues, particularly if you are travelling ’off-road’.

Let’s start off with a comparison table listing off-road hoverboards. Our favorites are highlighted!

NB! For a list of best overall hoverboards, hop over to this article. 

#1 Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw

While all of the off-road hoverboards that I am going to talk about on this page are good, I don’t think anything comes close to the Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw.

Swagtron Swagboard OutlawIt is in a whole class of its own, and if you are serious about riding off-road, then this is the route to go down.

Want to know the brilliant thing about the Outlaw? It has a range of 12 miles, and it is able to travel at a whopping 12 miles per hour, which makes it one of the fastest hoverboards on this list.

If you really know your way around a hoverboard, or maybe you have a taste for adventure, then hopping on one of these babies is gonna be just the ticket.

This comes complete with 10“ tires, completely tubeless which means you do not need to worry about them popping on you. These are probably some of the most robustlessy built tires I have ever seen.

The grip on them is absolutely impeccable, and I am confident that you can tackle just about any surface with these with ease. No slippage at all. This is just what you want in an off-roading hoverboard, right?

There are a couple of Bluetooth speakers built into the hoverboard, which means that you are going to be able to listen to music from your phone while you are navigating those mud dunes, or whatever the cool kids are trying to navigate nowadays.

However, do bear in mind that this is the only functionality that you will have connected up to your smartphone.

I know that there are a few other products in the Swagtron range which allow you to control speed and the like from an app, but you get nothing like that here.

Although, that being said, if you are darting about everywhere on an off-road track, you don’t want to be fiddling about with a phone. You just want to focus.

To cap it all off, the Outlaw can deal with weights up to 420lbs, which shows you just how well-constructed it is. I think there are very few hoverboards on the market which are able to deal with that sort of weight.

Technical stats

Max speed: 12 mph
Range: 12 miles
Max weight: 420lbs
Wheel size: 10″



#2 Lamborghini Hoverboard

Yeah. I know. Lamborghini are probably best-known for the fact that they produce cars. Not hoverboards.

However, just like any other car company out there, they try to get their hands in as many pies as they possibly can.

Swagtron Swagboard OutlawThe branding works absolute wonders, after all. This Lamborhini hoverboard is just a branding exercise for them. They have licensed out their name, and other companies are doing the hard work for them.

Thankfully, this off-road hoverboard is actually pretty decent. Actually, probably the second best hoverboard on this list.

As you can probably tell, a lot about this hoverboard is the style behind it. It is designed to look just like a Lamborghini vehicle. It is probably one of the most stylish hoverboards I have ever seen.

Honestly, it would actually be a shame to take this off the road as you know that you are just going to end up messing it up. I actually see this as somewhat of a downside.

When you start scratching this up with loose chunks of gravel flying about and the like, it just doesn’t look as good as it should do.

The wheel diameter is 8.5“, which is a little less than the Swagtron. The smaller wheel size does mean that it has trouble tackle a few gradients. 15 degrees is the biggest incline it can tackle, which is half of what the Swagtron is able to deal with.

The maximum speed is 9 miles per hour, with a maximum distance of 11 miles. Both less than the Swagtron.

But, why do I also recommend the Lamborghini? It is because it is fun to ride. The feet pads are slightly larger than other hoverboards on the market, which makes this baby seem so much more comfortable, particularly if you have larger feet.

I also find that it gives you a little bit more control when you are riding. However, this may all be in my head as I have feet that err on the larger side of things anyway.

You can download an app onto your phone which will allow you to check how fast you are going, and even changing the ’mode’ that you are riding in. It is basic, but it works.

If you fancy listening to a bit of music while you are cruising around, then use the integrated Bluetooth speakers.

Technical stats

Max speed: 9 mph
Range: 11 miles
Max weight: 264lbs
Wheel size: 8.5″



Read our full review of the hoverboard here

#3 Cho Electric Hoverboard

If you want something a bit cheaper than the previous two off-road hoverboards, but one that is still able to pack quite a punch, then you may want to check out the Cho Electric Hoverboard.

Cho Electric Hoverboard

The wheels are a bit smaller than the previous two hoverboards at just 6.5“ in diameter, which does provide a few limitations on what surfaces you can tackle.

However, honestly, if you are just looking to have a little bit of fun ’off-road’ rather than riding day-in, day-out then the Cho Electric Hoverboard is going to be perfect for you. It is really a hoverboard built for those who want a bit of weekend fun, basically.

The maximum speed is 8.5 miles per hour. However, it actually has the largest range of all the hoverboards I have mentioned so far. It is able to travel a whopping 13 miles on a single charge, which isn’t too shabby. It means you get more use out of it.

The charging time is fantastic too. You are only going to have about 90 minutes to 2 hours downtime while you are charging it. I think this is one of the fastest charging hoverboards on the market. Well, at least if you want a huge range on it.

Technical stats

Max speed: 8.5 mph
Range: 13 miles
Max weight: 264lbs
Wheel size: 6.5″



#4 Cho All-Terrain Hoverboard

I don’t want to dwell on this off-road hoverboard too much because, for the most part, it is the same as the previous Cho hoverboard. The only major difference is the fact that it has 8.5 inch wheels instead.Sure, the larger wheels are likely to be beneficial for the vast majority of people. However, do bear in mind that 8.5 inch wheels will make the hoverboard a little bit more difficult to carry about.

It also means that the battery in your hoverboard is going to drain a little bit faster.

The quoted specifications for the hoverboard are the same as the previous CHO. So, this means 8.5 miles per hour and a range of 13 miles.

However, I would put the range a little bit below this. Not too much. I would take a mile or two off of the range, mostly due to the fact that if you have larger tires like this, you are going to be putting it through its paces and, as I said, it requires a lot more from the motor to drive them.

The major difference is that it can tackle slightly higher inclines. This can tackle up to 17 degrees, to be exact.

Although, bear in mind that this is still under half of what the first Swagtron I talked about can do. However, it is something which should be fine for the vast majority of purposes.

Technical stats

Max speed: 8.5 mph
Range: 13 miles
Max weight: 264lbs
Wheel size: 8.5″



#5 NHT All-Terrain Rugged 8.5“ Wheels

I am going to be honest with you. When I first saw the NHT, I didn’t want to touch it. It is a seriously basic looking hoverboard.

I think a lot of this was down to the fact that this off-road hoverboard is meant to be a naturally cool way of getting around.

However, there isn’t really a sense of style in the NHT. It is a couple of wheels on a slightly textured platform.

Thankfully, once I started to have a bit of a play about with it, I realized just how fantastic it actually was.

The maximum speed of this is about 7 miles per hour, with a range of about the same. This may seem like a small amount.

However, I think you should probably bear in mind that this is a hoverboard which is more designed for children than adults. You don’t want them going too fast.

I do wish the range was a tiny, tiny bit higher though. Nobody really wants their kids to be riding about for an hour, only to need to lug back a bulky hoverboard (it is the wrong size for most bags on the market).

One issue that I have seen people complain about time and time again with the NHT is the fact that not everything is fully explained in the manual that you get with it.

For example; how to use the Bluetooth. However, honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything more from a cheaper hoverboard. They always seem to forget to put in information.

Technical stats

Max speed: 7 mph
Range: 7 miles
Max weight: 264lbs
Wheel size: 8.5″



#6 Gyroor Hoverboard Warrior

Alright. Time to go back to the off-road hoverboards that look as amazing as possible. There are amazing LED lights on this. Some amazing Bluetooth speakers too. Oh, and you are going to look so cool moving about on one of these (no, seriously!).

There are 8.5“tires on this. It is also able to tackle hills of about 30 degrees. This means that it is the same as the Outlaw.

However, I have found that the Gyroor is not as solidly built. You aren’t going to be breaking it in a hurry. If you were, you can bet your bottom dollar that I wouldn’t be including it on this list.

However, the construction seems a bit more ’plastic’. You are going to be scared to put it through its paces as a result.

It is able to hit maximum speeds of 9.95 miles per hour. The range is somewhere between 7 miles and 9.5, dependent on the surfaces you are tackling.

Honestly, I reckon you should be fine with the vast majority of surfaces if you are riding this. I think I have read a couple of reviews of people tackling light snow, although I wouldn’t really recommend riding your electronics through the snow.

The foot pads are a little bit smaller than most hoverboards out there, which means that if you have feet on the larger side of things, it may not be something that is necessarily that fun for you to be riding.

Technical stats

Max speed: 9.95 mph
Range: 7-9.5 miles
Max weight: 264lbs
Wheel size: 8.5″



#7 TOMOLOO Hoverboard

Honestly, I was tempted not to include this off-road hoverboard on this list simply due to the marketing of it alone.

For some reason, the folks at TOMOLOO decided to stick some photoshopped flames on the picture. No idea why. Does this mean it goes fast? Does this mean it causes electrical fires? I am confused!

Oh wait. Nope. The flames mean that the TOMOLOO is fire resistant. So, I guess this means if you are in a fire, you can hoverboard right out of there! Not the greatest feature in the world but, hey, it is a feature.

The maximum speed you can get on the TOMOLOO is 10 miles per hour, but the range is far less than this. You are probably going to be struggling to get more than 7-8 miles at the best of times.

However, it does have 8.5“ tires which means that at least you are going to be having a little bit of fun while you are riding this.

When I first looked at the TOMOLOO, I didn’t think the tires had enough grip on them. However, I haven’t noticed any slipping and sliding while riding this, so I guess they work!

Technical stats

Max speed: 10 mph
Range: 7-8 miles
Max weight: 264lbs
Wheel size: 8.5″



#8 HYPER GOGO Hoverboard

The Hyper GOGO bills itself as the safest hoverboard in the world. However, I am going to give it credit here. It probably is.

However, a lot of that is down to the fact that it is barely able to hit 5 miles per hour. Honestly, this is not much faster than a decent walking pace. You could probably run around an outdoor area and get faster than this.

However, do understand that the slow speed is there for a reason. This is a hoverboard that is built for children or those who may not be too comfortable riding a hoverboard (which may be you).

Although, if you fall into the latter category, I seriously suggest that you look at one of the hoverboards on this list as most of them have learning modes, so you are not really limiting yourself when it comes to the speed that you can travel at.

However, you are going to get a bit more use out of it than other hoverboards before it needs to be charged.

While most hoverboards will give you an hour use when travelling at maximum speed, you should be able to get around 2 hours before you need to charge the Hyper GOGO, which isn’t too shabby.

The 8.5“tires that are included with the Hyper GOGO means that most surfaces can be tackled. That being said, there is probably not enough power in the motor for you to be able to tackle the heaviest of inclines.

Technical stats

Max speed: 5 mph
Range: 10 miles
Max weight: 198 lbs
Wheel size: 8.5″



#9 SISIGAD Off-Road Hoverboard

This 8.5“tire off-road hoverboard is capable of travelling of speeds up to 10 miles per hour. It has a range of about the same too. In fact, you are even able to travel up inclines of 30 degrees, which is the same as the Outlaw.However, I would not put the SISIGAD in the same class as the Outlaw. The construction is not quite as solid.

However, when it is nearly half the price of the Outlaw, this is something which is to be very much expected.

This is really one of the off-road hoverboards for those who are not getting out too much and they just want to enjoy a bit of a ride here and there.

However, do bear in mind that if you are tackling pretty tough terrain, you may find that the battery will only last you about 30 minutes. I have seen a lot of complaints about this.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is a fantastic hoverboard. It is a joy to ride.

However, it is the small niggling issues which really let it down e.g. the fact that you have such a short range, but it still takes 6 hours to charge.

If you are only getting 30 minutes of use before charging for 6 hours, you best be having fun.

Technical stats

Max speed: 10 mph
Range: 6-10 miles
Max weight: 260 lbs
Wheel size: 8.5″



#10 Vecaro DRIFT-X-GR

This is one of the oldest off-road hoverboards. Like. One of the originals. Vecaro, today, still claim in their advertising that they are the only brand which offers an app for their hoverboards. We know that is not the case. 

However, the fact that it is an older style hoverboard does have its own advantages e.g. the fact that it is going to be cheap, while offering bang for your buck.

The maximum speed is 10 miles per hour, with a range about the same. Nothing breathtaking, sadly.

However, you can really feel that there is a lot of power in the Vecaro. Despite the low price, they actually use decent batteries (Samsung 36V) and you can tell that this is something which is built to last.

I think my main concern is the fact that hoverboard technology has moved on a lot since the Vecaro hit the scene, which means that it may be lacking certain features you may be used to.

For example; there are only 2 riding modes on this, while other hoverboards may have 3 or 4. Not a major issue, but something to bear in mind.

Technical stats

Max speed: 10 mph
Range: 10 miles
Max weight: 240 lbs
Wheel size: 8.5″




Now comes the hard part. Telling you which one I like the most. However, I am sure that you already have a ’rough’ idea.

I love the Swagtron Outlaw. It has the fastest speed. It has the best range. It is a fantastic hoverboard.

However, I will give the second two on my list a ’pass’ too.

I think the first three hoverboards I talked about are sublime. They work better on off-road surfaces. They can tackle fairly decent inclines. They all look good.

However, if you do buy one from this list, you should make it the Outlaw. It is superior.

Swagtron Outlaw

Kitting Out Your Hoverboard

If you are going to be riding off-road on your hoverboard, then I suggest that you at least entertain the notion of picking up a kart conversion kit. It does exactly what it says on the tin. You connect the kart conversion kit to the hoverboard and you can ride it like a little buggy off-road.

It is a huge amount of fun. Sure, it is probably not something that you are going to be using all the time, but they are quite affordable for what they are.

Plus, it saves you needing to buy a kart. Obviously, make sure that you pick up one for a bit of off-roading. Don’t pick one of those ’road karts’. It just won’t work.

Other than this (and safety equipment, which I am going to talk about shortly), most of the other accessories that you can pick up for your hoverboard are carry cases and decals.

I absolutely recommend the former. It will ensure that your hoverboard lasts as long as it possibly can do. Provides fantastic protection while in storage too.

With all of these extras, just make sure you find a model that fits with your hoverboard!

Are Hoverboards Dangerous?

In absolutely perfect conditions, hoverboards are safe. In fact, they are safe anyway.

When you know how to use them, you will find that it is easy to brake. You will find that it is easy to control the speed.

If you have a quality one, then it is easy to change direction. However, let’s be honest here, you are riding the hoverboard off-road.

This means that you are going to fall off if you are planning on putting it through its paces. With the speed hoverboards tend to travel at, it is unlikely that you are going to be seriously injured, but the risk is still there.

If you are new to riding hoverboards, then switch on training mode (if your hoverboard has it) as this will limit your maximum speed.

You may also want to pick up a handle for your hoverboard which will make it easier for you to control when you are learning.

Although, honestly, even some of the more experienced riders have a handle attached as it just makes everything so much easier.

Other than this, your standard safety equipment won’t go amiss e.g. elbow and knee pads, and a helmet thrown in for good measure.

What Is UL2272 Certification?


All the hoverboards you find on this list conform to the standards laid out in UL2272. I don’t want to get too much into it, as it is quite a complicated certification and I could easily write pages and pages on it.

All you really need to know is that UL2272 is a set of standards in the US which have been specifically put together for electronic mobility devices.

The test is designed to check the safety of the electronic device.

For example; is it still functional and safe to ride after it is dropped from a height of about 1 meter? Is there imbalanced charging? How does it deal with water or temperature?

If a hoverboard does not have UL2272 certification, then it can’t be sold in the US.

I wouldn’t buy one from abroad either, unless it was from a European country, because you don’t know how safe a cheap hoverboard is to ride when it is chucking it down with rain, do you?