Top 9 Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter in 2022

Who doesn’t like to zoom around on a bike or a scooter that will create an impression? With different models, makes, and add-ons available on the market, you can customize your bike to perfection. 

Nowadays, fat tire electric scooters and bikes are all the rage. Think of The Dark Knight swooshing around on his BatMobile, and you will get a picture of the immense power, drive, and perfection of that beauty.

In the past couple of years, with electric scooters coming to the market, many have made the switch to this savvy, energy efficient and easy to ride option. 

Fat tires have also created a niche because of their durability and ease of use on uneven terrain. The wider width of the tires allows for better ground coverage and increases the rubber-to-ground contact, thus providing higher traction. 

Whether for using on snow-covered paths, sand or rainy streets, fat tire electric bikes are here to stay.

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This electric scooter by Winkine boasts of an all-black design that is minimalistic yet stylish at the same time. The sophisticated design is a result of the porcelain process and argon arc welding methods being carried out on the scooter. The frame of the vehicle exhibits strength and durability and gives prospective customers the confidence to invest in it. The weight of the scooter is 54 kilograms and it offers a maximum loading capacity of 440 lbs. The 2000W power motor enables the scooter to gather acceleration quickly and ride across different terrains smoothly. 

Apart from the strong and fat tires, what makes the scooter further reliable is the fact that it offers IP54 waterproof protection and features powerful dual disc brakes. Even if you drive at a very high speed, the brakes are powerful enough to bring the vehicle to an immediate halt. The hydraulic shock absorption on both the front and the rear tire and the extremely comfortable seats ensure that you don’t end up suffering from back pain even after riding the scooter for hours. The lithium-ion battery offers a maximum speed of 40 mph and on a single full charge, it can help you cover a distance of 50 miles. 

The tires are 7.8-inches wide and combined with a large deck and a front fork suspension, provide stability and traction. All these features ensure that the rider experiences a ride that is a combination of comfort and fun. You can start the vehicle by just clicking on the power button. Some of the other high-utility features of the scooter include a robust wheel lock system and a super load alarm system. The brand is quite generous and provides a bunch of accessories with the scooter including a rear-view mirror, motor watch, rear cargo along with a backrest, remote control key, helmet and some important tools. 



The tires on this scooter are not only big but have been designed quite impressively too. Even if you are not used to riding a scooter, these tires will ensure that you don’t have any difficulty in getting the balance right even during the first few rides. It features a sturdy kickstand but you won’t need it unless you have to park your scooter somewhere for a while. The 1000W motor helps in ensuring smooth and stable performance and makes the scooter deliver a top speed of 25 mph. If you are a beginner rider or need a scooter for shorter commutes, you should be okay with this top speed. 

At 170 pounds, the scooter might prove to be a little heavy for those whose weight is on the lighter side. You get two well-placed padded seats that offer you a good amount of comfort while riding. The tubeless tires are quite adept at absorbing shock but are suitable only for smoothly paved roads. Riding this scooter on uneven terrain wouldn’t be a good idea. The LED headlights are powerful enough to help you maneuver through poorly lit streets and help the bigger vehicles to see you on road. The vehicle comes with a key start system which is fairly easy to operate. The innovative power display system helps you get an idea about the battery life at any given point. 

The scooter has received a ground clearance of 8 inches and is capable to climb a hill or a steeper slope at 10-15 degrees. Black is the only color it is made available by the company at the moment. The front and rear suspension add to the safety of the riders. Unlike many other scooters in this range, the brand doesn’t give you the option to buy alternative off-road tires. However, you won’t have much to complain about with the two tubeless tires you get with the scooter. Most of the components including the foot support and the handlebar are quite sturdy.



The first thing that strikes you about this electric scooter is its uber-stylish design. When you take this scooter out on a ride, it is bound to make heads turn and get noticed. The white color will also work for those who aren’t too charmed by the black color in which many scooters come. It is a scooter that offers a combination of style and substance. The frame is made of high-quality components like carbon fiber and alloy steel. With little maintenance, you can ensure that this scooter remains in good shape for years. 

With a weight of 150 pounds, the scooter should be suitable for people of different age groups and varying weights. The 2000W motor is strong enough to ensure that the scooter delivers smooth performance at all times. The twist throttle and the speed mechanism make it an ideal scooter to be used to travel across town. Golf enthusiasts also get an option to include a golf cart attachment to the vehicle. The brand gives you the option to choose from three different battery sizes, 12 ah, 20 ah and 3 ah. 

The scooter comes armed with a bunch of important safety features including an intense LED headlight and brake light, side mirrors, loud horn, sharp-sounding alarm and turning signals both at the front and rear end. A large LED screen helps in getting an accurate idea of the battery life. Each of the two tires is 9.5 inches in size and plays an important role in keeping the vehicle balanced. The front and rear suspension help in dealing with the bumps that you might encounter on the road and back support is offered by the seat at the rear end. The scooter arrives as one unit and therefore, no assembly is required.



If you have been looking for a scooter with an out-of-the-box design and a bunch of high-utility features, then you might want to consider this one. This scooter would also work well for those who prefer three-wheeled scooters over two-wheeled models. While the white-colored model remains the most popular one, it is available in four other colors (green, red, black and matte black) that are equally attractive. On a single charge of the built-in 60 Volt battery, the scooter can cover a distance of 16 miles. The brand also gives you the option to upgrade to a better battery that can help you go as far as 52 miles on a single charge. 

Investing in this scooter is also a very cost-effective option. When you buy this, you don’t have to pay for insurance premiums, DMV fees, license or gas. Apart from the battery, the company also gives you the freedom to upgrade to a front suspension. The headlights produce intense lighting which is good enough to light up your surroundings when you travel at night. Even when you park the scooter in a fairly isolated area, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. It features a wheel lock system along with a very loud alarm system. 

The brand offers a 12-month limited warranty on the scooter during which it will cover all the expenses related to repairing and replaced parts. You can start the scooter easily with the help of the remote provided; there is no requirement of a key to do the same. The steering is not very flexible. Perhaps, this was an intentional move by the company to ensure the safety of the rider. The hydraulic disc brakes also contribute to your safety by ensuring the vehicle stops as soon as you press them. LED lighting is provided only at the front end of the vehicle.



This electric scooter by Toxozers offers style and powerful performance. The 2000W motor enables the scooter to reach a top speed of 25 mph and cover a distance of 30 miles on a single full charge. The robust tires are capable of moving through higher slopes and withstanding the various obstacles that might come their way while maneuvering through difficult roads. The performance it delivers is much better than the kind offered by scooters in a similar range. The frame of the scooter is made of alloy steel which renders it strength and durability.

The scooter comes with a battery pack which can be removed easily when you need to recharge it. Depending on how much it has been used, charging the battery could take anywhere between 6-10 hours. The vehicle features powerful disc brakes at the front and the rear which proves to be very effective in bringing it to an absolute stop almost immediately. The presence of LED headlights, bright headlights and rear brake headlights shall make you feel very safe when you take the scooter out on a ride late in the night or through dimly lit streets. 

The double seat coupled with the backrest offers adequate comfort to the rider while moving around. Each of the two tires contributes greatly towards providing stability during rides. If you like to carry a bag or some luggage while traveling, you will like the storage space that is offered right under the seat. Though the scooter is available only in one color, one would agree to the fact that nothing would have suited it more than the classic black design it comes in. If you find any part or component to be defective after buying the scooter, you can get it replaced free of cost.



The trendy name of this scooter is in sync with its design and usability. This is a great scooter to invest in for those who are looking for a portable vehicle that can be stored and maintained easily. This unique sit/stand scooter enables you to sometimes stand upright while riding it. Though the body of the scooter is quite lightweight, it can carry a maximum loading capacity of 250 lbs. While this scooter is not recommended for extremely bulky riders, you wouldn’t have any problem riding if your weight is under 250 lbs. 

The seat is well-padded and easily adjustable. The one thing you need to remember here is that the vehicle doesn’t come with a rear seat. One primary seat is all that you get. The battery is functional but could have been much more durable. Once the battery wears down, you can get it replaced by the brand but it will cost some money. Since the motor is attached closer to the wheel, it is slightly difficult to push the vehicle with bare hands. 

It would be advisable not to take this scooter out in the rain as it is not waterproof. Since it is a medium-sized vehicle, it is suitable to be used by both adults and kids. It has brakes both on the front and the rear end, so you can stop it easily whenever you wish to. It can deliver an average speed of 15-20 mph and reach a top speed of 20 mph. The speed it delivers is fair if you want to use it only for shorter commutes. It comes with an 800W hub motor which will ensure a smooth ride on regular roads but won’t be sufficient for hilly slopes. 



Offering a combination of electric and battery technology, this electric scooter is built with some of the finest components that one could find and delivers a very powerful performance when you take it out on the roads. Its frame is made of carbon fiber and alloy steel which assures strength and durability. The 2000W motor is powerful enough to make the scooter move at a stable speed and help you reach your destination without facing any hiccups. The twist throttle and the 3-speed mechanism help further in this regard.

While this might not be the most suitable vehicle for traveling from one town to another, commuting within the confines of a city is quite convenient. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the three different (12, 20, 30 ah) battery options provided by the brand. This scooter is as suitable for traveling during the daytime as it is for riding during the night. Both the headlight and the brake light are extremely powerful and help you see through the darkness prevailing during the night. There is also an LED screen that keeps you updated about the battery life at all times. 

One of the prominent features of the scooter is its two fat tires each of which is 9.5 inches in size. Along with the front hydraulic suspension, the tires ensure that you remain protected against the bumps that one might come across on bad roads. The tires are durable and provide the vehicle with a great deal of stability. On the front, you will see footpegs that ensure further stability to the rider. A lot of people complain of back pain after riding a scooter for a long time. This is one problem you won’t face with this scooter as it comes with a rear seat that also offers back support. 



The bare minimal design of this scooter is its highlight and it is also the very factor that might make some not get interested in it. This scooter by SKRT has been designed for adults who prefer a lightweight scooter with a subtle design. However, some people find the structure of the scooter to be too basic. That being said, the kind of functionality it offers is at par with any well-known scooter in this range. Also, the ease of use or convenience that it offers is much more as compared to a larger-sized scooter. 

It comes with handlebars that can be easily foldable and are in sync with the compact structure of the scooter. It offers a top speed of 18 mph which is good enough for shorter commutes but not the kind that can please speed enthusiasts. On a single battery charge, it can cover a distance of 18.6 miles. The tires are strong and quite large if you take the overall frame of the scooter into account. Despite weighing just about 52 pounds, it offers a maximum loading capacity of 220 lbs. It features a premium quality brushless motor that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering robust performance. 

The battery, which comes with a standard voltage capacity of 48V, needs around 6 hours to be charged fully. The battery life is quite impressive. There is a battery capacity indicator that gives you an idea about the status of the battery at any given time. The portable folding design of the scooter makes it very easy for one to store at any convenient place in the home. The hand disk brake system, fond at both the front and rear end of the vehicle, helps you stop it immediately even at top speed. The high-volume horn comes in handy while riding through a busy street.



This electric scooter boasts of modern design that also gives you a glimpse of the high-end features it comes with. While the impressive design is one of its biggest selling points, it delivers the kind of performance that is at par with a more elaborately structured scooter. It weighs 117 lbs and offers a maximum loading capacity of 265 lbs. The two wheels are pneumatic and 11 inches wide. The rubber-made wheels are known to be extremely long-lasting and offer adequate support to the scooter. 

Since this is not a regular scooter, you don’t get a pre-installed padded seat to rest your body on while going on a ride. While this won’t prove to be an issue during shorter commutes, covering a longer distance while being in a standing position could be difficult. On the brighter side, the brand does provide a seat as a part of the package which can be installed later. The front and rear disc brakes are extremely powerful and can bring the scooter to an immediate halt as and when you like to. With a weight of 117 pounds, it offers a maximum loading capacity of 265 lbs. When you get a little exhausted after riding it for a long time, you can use the sturdy kickstand to let the scooter and yourself get some rest for a while. 

The scooter comes loaded with four fairly long-lasting batteries. To get the best out of the scooter, you must charge the batteries for 6-8 hours before heading out for a ride. One of the highlights of the scooter is its BMX style handlebars which are a little heavy but extremely durable. The rubberized handgrip enables the rider to have a strong and non-slippery grip on the bar. While the dual brake levers are very strong, the twist acceleration throttle could have been more functional and easier to use. You will also come across a few control buttons on the handlebar which are very easy to locate and use. 



The best fat tire electric scooters – Our Verdict

All of the 5 bikes above are each proficient in their own way. They all work on the idea of combining convenience with efficiency and speed.

However, there are two bikes that really stand out from the crowd and these are Winkine 2000W and TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco.

Buying Guide

Before buying a fat tire electric scooter, there are a few important factors that you must consider very carefully. Having an electric scooter that features fat or large-sized tires could be very different from owning a regular electric scooter. 

  • Ride Quality

If you buy an electric scooter and soon, get fed up with its poor ride quality, then you will start thinking about selling it off pretty quickly. There are times when a scooter looks great to your eyes but when you start using it, you realize that its performance is below par. Here are a few of the important things that could affect the quality of your ride. 

a) Size of the wheel

Smaller-sized wheels have a reputation of being unreliable especially when it comes to bad roads or uneven terrain. Since you are going to invest in a fat tire electric scooter, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about it. However, you must check the size of the tires of the scooter you are interested in and find out whether they will be suitable on the roads you plan to take them out on. 

b) Air-filled or solid tires

Between air-filled and solid tires, the presence of the former in a scooter enables you to have a more comfortable ride. If you use air-filled tires, it is advisable to have a puncture protection fluid around as fixing punctures is not easy. Since these are fat tires, mending them becomes a lot more difficult. Therefore, after buying the scooter, you must also buy the tools that will help you in fixing a puncture. 

  • Speed

Several factors like the weight of the rider, motor power, the kind of surface you take the scooter through and the force at which you pump your tires play an important role in determining the speed at which the scooter moves. Apart from checking the top speed of the scooter, also find out its average speed and whether it can move at a respectable speed on surfaces like hilly slopes or sand-filled terrain. If your weight is on the heavier side, you must find out the maximum loading capacity offered by the scooter and see if it is higher than your body weight. 

  • Range

Since electric scooters run on batteries, you must check the kind of battery setup your preferred scooter has, how long it takes to charge completely and the kind of range the scooter can cover on a single charge. Certain scooters are more suitable for shorter commutes and then, there are ones that are apt for covering a longer distance. You must buy a scooter that can cater to your personal commuting needs. 

  • Warranty

Most manufacturers offer a warranty on the electric scooters they produce but the validity of the warranty differs from company to company. Fat tires are known to be quite durable, so you shouldn’t face any issues with them. However, you could face issues with some of the other components. Gather all the information about the warranty and the after-sales services provided by the brand before you make the final payment.